[August 15, 2010] SBS Inkigayo Highlights + Commentary

Do I HAVE to write an intro? I'm so tired (yet again) and I have two projects to finish by Tuesday. I'm not happy. Anyway. SHINee WON TODAYYYYYYYYY! *dances around room*

Video credit to CrazyCarrot350.

GP Basic - Game
The issue of these girls' ages is somewhat a sore spot for me because I started writing when I was around 14, and I got a lot of criticism just because I was young in a circle of bloggers who were all in their 20's - there were people who didn't even bother reading my writing just because I was 14, that's not fair at all. Just because someone young is trying to succeed in a world of people older then him/her, doesn't mean they should be overlooked completely. If they really want to do this, and if they're serious about succeeding, then I have no right to put them down just because of their age. I believe that they should be judged like any other new girl group, and that's why I'm going to say what I'm about to. They're not good. Except maybe for the girl in CL sunglasses, they're not very good singers. They don't have to sound like 40 year-old's to sound good, but they should at least be able to hold a melody. They can't. And once again, they have no sophistication, no class, when they perform. Again, I'm not saying this because they're young - if they were good I'd say they were, but they're not so I won't.

Nine Muses - No Playboy
There might be some nice voices hidden behind these girls, but their song sucks and they can't perform. There's no grace to the way they move - it looks so robotic and contrived. It doesn't help that the song goes nowhere. Look, I know they all look like models and they have long legs and walk like models but they're in music - I expect them to deliver when we talk about performance. They're not delivering.

G.NA with Yonghwa (CN Blue) - I'll Back Off So You Can Live (review/The Kpop Panel Review)
Yonghwa gave presence to today's performance, but that's about it. Sorry Yonghwa, please stick to singing, even if Jonghyun's better than you. OK, maybe stick to writing songs, then. She's not blowing me away with her performances yet, but they don't make me uncomfortable when I watch them anymore. Maybe by her next single she gets some presence.

Miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl
All they really need to do is get rid of the breathlessness and their performances would be near-perfect. Today was their usual - tight, strong vocals with that hint of sophistication.

Infinite - She's Back
Well that's more like it, Infinite. Although I think certain parts were mimed, that wasn't half bad a performance. The song's on the cheesy side, but hey, if it works for them I'm not complaining. I'd rather they pull off a good performance and have a slightly cheesy song than have a fantastic song and not be able to even sing it.

Rainbow - A
Well, at least they gave the verses to the girls who can actually sing. Otherwise, this would've been a bigger disaster than it already is.

Secret - Madonna
Even if the high notes weren't pulled off very well, they still have the basics mastered. Their vocals aren't fantastic, but they're stronger than all the other rookie girl groups. And besides, I've already established that these girls are performers - they have the finesse and the elegance to their performance.

Son Dambi - Queen
Consistent performance today, but I'm starting to seriously get sick of the song. Next single, please.

Se7en - Better Together(The Kpop Panel Review)
Even if I'm literally throwing up the recorded version of this, when I watch the live performances I suddenly like it again. The power of a good performer. Strong performance today, and even with the white-haired girls, it was rather sophisticated. The performance, I mean.

Hwanhee - While Doing
Now THAT is a gorgeous voice. It has timbre, character, and technique. He gets a little exhausted towards the end, but the mid-range melodies are all well-delivered, it's just the higher parts where he strains. I think that's the reason why this song works - it's not has good as his single last year (which I was completely blown away by), but his vocals are enough to carry the song. Brian may have the presence and decent vocals, but Hwanhee's the voice.

BoA - Hurricane Venus (The Kpop Panel Review)
I don't know what to say anymore, it's like I've said everything there is about this! She's consistent with her vocals and performance, yes, but that's expected of someone who's been around for as long as she has. I want a damn good song, and I don't have that.

SHINee - Lucifer (review/The Kpop Panel Review) (WINNER)
Aaaaaand Jonghyun's letting go again. *sigh* I named this week's MuBank performance the best one so far, and it still is - everyone, apart from Jonghyun at parts, sounded fantastic, but the magic that the MuBank one wasn't there. They had presence today, and they performed well, but once again, music is half heard (representing the technical side) and half felt (representing the "oh my gosh I got goosebumps" side) - they lacked a bit of the "feeling" today. Just a bit though. It's up to you to decide if a little goes a long way on this one. But they won so YAYYYYYYYYYY.


  1. SHINee continues to perform well. What's probably missing is a bit of the fierceness in the other performances. The shoddy camerawork did not help. Lastly, I like having Minho back but boy needs more practice.

    Se7en is great but it makes me sad he's being overshadowed by Boa, SHINee and even DJ Doc. I cannot believe YG did not give him a better song/album. It's almost Sept and YG/Teddy has yet to have a certified Korean hit unlike last year when the hits kept rolling. Maybe Big Bang and 2NE1 will change that later this year.

    Btw feel free to spazz about Muzit later. No pressure but I was still impressed even if I've been a SHINee fan since the beginning.

  2. I felt no change in Shinee's performances after Minho started joining the other members onstage. And they can't still capture the choreography right during Minho's rap. Aside from that, I have no complaints :D I'm still impressed with Jonghyun and yes, Oneeewww!!! My gosh, I saw a video of him singing 'Forevermore', and I was really really impressed. Good diction and Great voice. (English pronunciation has always been my frustration with korean singers, especially Junsu :P ) I'm yet to watch the whole "The Muzit" episode. But I blown away by that WOWOWOW and Quasimodo live perf. Btw, why was Minho absent?

  3. are "secret" still considered after two comebacks????

  4. I feel inclined to agree with your critique on GP Basic's performance except I'm not entirely sure how they're supposed to perform with 'class and sophistication' when the material they're given isn't exactly ground-breaking. I mean, sure, you could argue that a good performer would be able to sing the crap out a recipe for a ham sandwich, but material still counts for something. I'm not a fan of the girls but I wouldn't completely write them off as flops just yet, particularly that little one. In my opinion, they did pretty well with shitty material, which is something that Nine Muses wasn't able to do with equally shitty material.

    I really like reading your reviews, by the way :) Very insightful and you obviously know your music. Good luck with your studies and the upcoming entrance exams! :)

  5. GP Basic: they're cute, in a cheap version of Disney way, but...

    Nine Muses: horrible to listen to and their outfits make half of them look pregnant.

    G.NA needs to stop trying to dance. Just sing, girl!

    Hwanhee sounds great, and I'm glad his costume has been changed for the better. That big bandage covering his tattoo looks so awkward though.

    BoA: She seems to lack energy, perhaps because of how she compares to her dancers. Her stylists need to be shot pronto too; she's still looking like an old woman in fugly clothes and a bad dye job.

    SHINee: like you said the sound is effed up. Too bad. Taemin is ♥ however and I'm in love with their choreo.

  6. I think you're judging rainbow a bit unfairly, watch their radio performance of their song Kiss and you'll see that they no one is without any singing ability. and Jisook (the girl who sings one line in the 2nd verse) is their 2nd best singer, idk why she has so few lines. But her and Hyunyoung's radio performance of Davichi's 8282 is really good as well. Anyways, hopefully they can change your mind in the future... maybe with a different song lol

  7. I agree with Kaye. (like your reviews btw) Can we really expect them (GP Basic) to blow us away with whatever talent they possess if they have to sing and dance to synthesized bloops and bleeps and shallow lyrics that they won't be able to convey very well under the circumstances (being young and probably not even knowing the meaning of what they're singing)? I don't blame the kids cause they did well considering what they had to work with. Our fingers should point to their producers (and choreographers, and fashion consultants) for even debuting them in such a fashion.

    No rookie(s) should be given a heavy electro pop dance track imo because they tend to be autotuned to death for 1. 2: they tend to be emotionless. 3: melody? What melody? Let's not throw them under the bus just yet. If they come back with something that's not a dance track and they actually have to sing, then we can judge.

    9 Muses...
    stick with modeling.

    Se7en I love you dear but... I can't. I just can't. The live is more bearable but the recorded... Ughhhhh... TT_TT

    BoA what can we say that hasn't been said? Forget Hyori (tho I ♥ her too), you are the queen of Kpop!

    I ♥ you boys. 'Nuff said.

  8. Well done to Secret, miss A, Son Dambi for performing well.

    Se7en - I love the song but I kind of wish he would promote Digital Bounce more now or Roller Coaster now. He's not even winning and I'd hope he would. Could it be because of his relationship confession?

    BoA - Hurricane Venus is growing on me to love but I kind of wish there was a stronger song that she came out with that made her stand out from Girls on Top. I love Adrenaline from her new album and GAME but that's it. She's still winning? Kind of want SHINee or Se7en to win more.

    SHINee - Last hope but they seem to be getting tired and I think that if they were to promote another song, it would definitely be Ready or Not or...A-yo. I think promoting Lucifer is killing Jonghyun's vocals.


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