[August 6, 2010] KBS Music Bank Highlights + Commentary

Was this a brilliant idea or was this a brilliant idea? LOL! ;D Click the images to enlarge.


  1. Was totally not expecting this since I read you're injured so props for still getting a review out.

    First off, let's worship Onew's voice together. (hahaha) I really loved the encore today because they acted like the dorks they are. You can see how happy they are. Guess pressure's off after winning last week and selling 100k copies.

    Secondly, I started in Kpop with WG's So Hot so I am new to Boa. I was looking forward to her comeback stage to see why she's "the queen". I was underwhelmed. I do not think I am being biased when I say SHINee's CB stage had more "umpphh" - strong vocals, great new choreo, high energy, really loud fanchants. It was not perfect and a bit messy but boy, you can tell they were missed. I didn't get that same feeling with Boa. I hope tomorrow is better. (Hides from Boa fans...)

    Last but not the least: GET WELL SOON and GOOD LUCK with your UPCAT. Being an alumni myself, I can tell you that UP was one of the best things to ever happen to me. It taught me to be more open-minded to possibilities, to think big and independently, and to accept we are all different and special. Thus I wish you well on the test so that you can experience the same for yourself. God Bless!

  2. hahah! Won't reply to everything you said since my hand's not really in good shape. :( Agreed 100%. Hahah!

    I'm from UP. Right now. ;D All my life, actually - pre-school (CDC) to high school (UPIS), :DDD

  3. wow! i just came here to check if there was a recap with the slightest hope there would be and to my surprise/luck THERE WAS. thank you for your commitment and hardwork. *claps* so now to the recaps:

    i agreed with everything until...BoA. lol
    i respect your opinions, but i do not agree on what you said. i personally feel that her performances showed that she really is queen of kpop. i would like to see a solo artist (female) or even an idol group (female) pull off a performance as powerful as boa's (strong dance & strong vocals simultaneously) and from what i was watching, the crowd were pretty much lapping it up. As for the song 'Hurricane Venus', it might not be genius or fresh, but its damn catchy and she pulls it off well.
    i might a little bias when it comes to boa...but im being completely honest with my opinipn here LOL.

    i guess we all just have different opinions.

  4. Yes jonghyun needs to learn to tone it. honestly i thought BOA was awesome! she sounded as awesome as the recorded version. though i wish there was abit more power. but awesome performance nonetheless. most importantly she sang and dance effortlessly which is something i dont think any other artist did today. hardly heard her breathes!

  5. this was very sweet of you. i was hoping for one, but not expecting one! hope you recover quickly :)

    jonghyun CALM DOWN. i'll worship the others though.
    boA disappointed me. not gonna lie. :/

  6. actually i thought jonghyun was fine today. as a boy i have to say his belting technique is very good, and this song is in a very challenging vocal range, so you have to give him some credit (not to mention while dancing). i do agree with you sometimes he gets a little wild, but i think he did a good job today ^^

  7. I agree with you about BoA. Neither number really stood out or seemed memorable. I didn't get any sense of passion or depth from her either.

    Hwanhee should've dressed in a suit or casual clothes (in other words, normally) and not bothered with the dance routine. I would've loved to hear his voice without all the distractions.


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