[August 1, 2010] SBS Inkigayo Highlights + Commentary

YAY I've completed another weekend of music show recaps! Woohoo! The winner today was rather surprising, considering the competition, but if you don't know yet, I won't spoil the fun. ;D
Se7en made his comeback, and it seems like Taeyang's back to promoting I Need A Girl. Doojoon made an appearance on G.NA's performance again, so I'm happy.

Credit for all the videos goes to CrazyCarrot350.

G.NA - I'll Back Off So You Can Live (review/The Kpop Panel Review)
She's a lot more comfortable on stage, you can tell, but her sloppiness as a performer has come out because of that. It's like she just flings her arm here and there, steps to the left or right, but she's unsure of whether or not she should've done that - she's hesitating. There's no room for hesitation when you're on stage. I liked Doojoon's part, as usual - the guy knows how to carry himself. The best part? When she sang at the end, backing track-less. She actually sounded good. A bit wild, but good.

Teen Top - Clap
Actually, the second guy who sings is actually better than the guy who gets the most lines - I kinda like his voice. And even if only two guys sing, I do think they're better off than Infinite, if I may say so. They have stage presence, now all the rest of the guys have to do is open their mouths and get proper singing lines. That and they should really get better material. This is decent, but not good enough.

Infinite - Come Back Again
Their voices sound like crap to start with, and then they just have to top it of with a dimension-less performance. Seriously, there's no depth to their actions or their singing - what you see is what you get, and even that isn't any good. I tried, but they really don't have the talent to go where they should go. Sorry Tablo, try again.

MBLAQ - One Better Day
These types of songs match them better than the Oh Yeahs and Ys of the world, but if this is all they're capable of, and all they do, they won't get anywhere. This band has been a lost cause since day 1, I just needed solid proof to say that.

Son Dambi - Queen
Let's just say that yesterday was her best performance of the song. Today was a bit bleh, Next song.

SHINee - Lucifer (review/The Kpop Panel Review)
Now, I'm probably just as disappointed as anyone is right now that SHINee didn't win, but who the hell cares? There's always next week, and at least once Miss A get a triple crown (if they do), there's one less act to compete with. ANYWAY. They just keep getting better - except for that slip towards the end, ONEW WAS HANDS-DOWN PHENOMENAL TODAY. He's like a not-so-direct but still direct descendant of DBSK's Jaejoong - starts out with a nice, smooth voice, then suddenly BAM it develops a deep-ish timbre, without loosing the smoothness. Jonghyun was let loose again today, sorry to say - the guy has to learn to control himself. He did it before, so why not now? Key's voice is slowly getting shriller, and I'm not liking it. I miss the nice timbre he had, and I want it back. And Minho's standing now, hopefully SHINee finally become a 5-piece dancing machine again. Soon.

Taeyang - I Need A Girl
I think I know what's wrong now - I can't stand Taeyang's live singing. On this song, at least. Seriously, I can't. Next song.

Se7en - Digital Bounce with TOP + Better Together (The Kpop Panel Review)
Now that is what I call a performance. Consistent, tight, and worth every second. You see how he just walks out with his hand up and everyone stars screaming - that's what a performer should be able to do. I pretty much have the same opinion as yesterday, I don't think I have to say that his vocals were spot-on, do I? Oh wait, I just said it. LOL.

Miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl (WINNER)
I wouldn't say they're undeserving of their win, but I do wish that SHINee of Se7en won today. That doesn't mean Miss A are bad though, they're probably one of the best rookie groups since 2NE1. I mean it. Now JYP, stop making them sing like you and give them a better song - once you do that I might just think about worshipping you. Oh, and move them over to JYPE.


  1. Inkigayo is normally 1 week behind in handing out an award (i think bec they count 2 wks of album sales). Even with RDD, SHINee won 2MB awards before they won their 1st Inki Mutizen. I was hoping SHINee will win today but not totally surprised they did not.

    Loved, loved the SHINee performance. Agree that Onew continues to be phenomenal. I really think the BWB musical stint made him an even better singer so I am excited to see how this Rock of Ages musical will help as well. I heard Key is sick so that's probably why he sounded shrill. But personally, I think Key has shown the least improvement in vocal ability. Taemin has improved so much that I am disappointed Key has not grown/improved too. It's a shame; I do like his voice too. It's already acknowledged Jonghyun is a good singer so i wish he would stop over-singing. He does not need to prove anything to anyone. He was much better yesterday.

    Se7en can seriously challenge Rain. OMG...so good! I hope that someday Onew gains enough confidence in himself to strut around a stage like this. And TOP! I am not a fan of rap but I gotta say: he's bad-ass in Digital Bounce.

  2. I love SE7EN's song, and I LOVE his performances. He owns the stage when he performs, and no one else performing really has the same power as him right now. He's a true seasoned professional.

    I like Taeyang's live performances...and I like his music in general. I think it all comes to down personal taste, because I cannot stand most of the music on SHINee's Lucifer album. I don't like the lead single much either. Then again, I have never been a fan of SHINee's music...

    Congratulations to miss A though! They are a really strong rookie group and I love their song, too. :D

  3. I love, love, love listening to Taeyang. I even love watching him do his thing in music videos. I can't stand watching him in live performances, though. There's just something lacking in his performances, whether solo or with the rest of Big Bang. I always got the vibe that Taeyang doesn't have the natural feel for his choreography. Like, he can DO the dances and stuff, but it's not natural to him. It has to be taught to him. Then he focuses so much on the dancing that his singing becomes lackluster.

    SHINee, as usual, impresses me with their live performances. Jonghyun worries me lately though. "Lucifer" is totally killing his voice. He really does need to learn to control his voice. The guy's got an amazing voice, he just has to control it and use it well.

  4. inkigayo is usually a week late. most of the time, artists win a couple of k-charts on music bank, before winning a mutizen. (plus they take two weeks of albums sales and lucifer hasn't been selling for two weeks yet, so they couldn't have won)
    key is sick and it's sad :( i want the timbre back too.


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