[July 31, 2010] MBC Music Core Highlights + Commentary

Why does it seem like all the music shows this weekend know I'm taking a BIG BIG BIIIIIG exam next week, so not a lot of acts show up and perform? The acts I recap, at least. I'm serious - there were only 6 performances today, usually I have to recap like 10 or 12. Not that I'm complaining or anything! Taeyang finally shows up again after a lul in promo, and Se7en made his comeback with a 2-song "suite". This was also Tiffay and Yuri's last episode as MCs/emcees. Awww.

Video credit goes to CrazyCarrot260. Always brilliant.

G.NA - I'll Back Off So You Can Live (review)
I'm ever so slightly more convinced with her live vocals today, but that lasted only up to the first chorus - it kinda went downhill from here. And YAY Doojoon's back - I'll just go and say that no one can do that rap line better than he can. Coming from someone who doesn't know a lot about rap, at least. And he can actually sing! G.NA's a bit more used to the stage, based on how she moves and carries herself, but there's still this hint of fear in her movements - I want that thrown out of the window as fast as possible. Like, now.

Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
Another consistent performance. Nothing special or especially bad, they just REALLY need to work on the breathlessness.

Son Dambi - Queen
Could this be? Is Son Dambi actually singing pretty decently now? There's not much to judge, but from the parts that are melodic, she is singing rather well. Once again, for her standards. All she has to do is keep doing it the way she is, and she'll be decent for me. Now, just give me a good song and we're good to go.

SHINee - Lucifer (review)
Did I just hear several attempts at a harmony? I honestly wasn't expecting they do that, given how demanding the choreography is, but apparently, they tried. They didn't do it exceptionally fantastic or anything, but the harmony was there, and I heard it. Very, VERY strong performance today (except for the crappy sound system) - Onew sounded phenomenal and Jonghyun was a little less wild as well. I kept on saying that DBSK need to make a comeback to show all these new groups how you really do it, but I think SHINee's a good enough replacement. They're not at DBSK's level (yet?), but they're close enough. Second favorite boyband? Second favorite boyband. Sorry, BEAST and D-NA. Hahah!

Taeyang - I Need A Girl
Still bored. Would still rather listen to the recording. Even with the slight change in gimmick and blocking and wardrobe and this and that, I'm still not sold. Well, it's slightly better than it was the last time he performed, but I still don't like it.

Se7en - Digital Bounce with TOP + Better Together
And that, people, is how you do it. I may not be the biggest Se7en fan around and when I talked about him on The Kpop Panel I wasn't all over the new single, but after watching today's performance, I have a newfound appreciation for the guy. He actually has the vocals. I mean, he's not singing an awful lot on these songs, but the times that he does, it just comes out like it's second nature to him. He's a performer - even if I don't like the songs and even if the girls are wearing these horrid bodysuit-like things, he makes me HAVE to watch the performance. Not just want, HAVE. Everything seems so natural for him, and he's living proof of my "you can command an audience just by raising your hand" statement - now I know why he's Rain's biggest rival, because they're basically in a league of their own when it comes to putting on a show. Just by watching this, I wouldn't mind spending my money to see this guy live, even if I'm not a big fan of the material.


  1. still reallllllly don't like miss A's song. never will, but it's apparent they're from a big 3, so i'll give them that and they're good for a rookie group.

    yayyyy SHINee's nikki's second favorite boyband ^^
    but really. they're impressive. like, DAMN impressive. they have presence, they have sophistication, and they have uh... GOOD VOCALS. which is a nice touch lol. thank goodness for jonghyun calming down today. he was starting to remind me of that one good friend everyone has - you love em and soon you want to punch em. he was also starting to remind me vaguely of micky, really good voice and sorta loses sanity in live performances a tad?

    don't like Se7en's music, but he has PRESENCE.

  2. Just looked at the kpanel review, and I still can't understand how so many people like Lucifer. To me it really sounds just like a lot of shouting / chanting with techno beats in the back and sometimes a bit of singing.

    I mean a lot of people LOVE it, but for me it's just like oh ok. Don't hate it, but I really can't understand how people go crazy over it

  3. Hey I was wondering if you would do commentary on Yuri + Tiffany's Baby Baby performance or not? I would actually like to read your opinion on that, since I have my bias... lol. And I agree 100% on the Taeyang thing and yes Miss A is good but they have the JYP style of singing xD.

  4. I really love reading your show commentary, but when I go to click on the videos it says that the video is private and I'm not allowed to view it. This didn't happen on the older recaps, but it's been happening increasingly frequently. Is there a way around this?

  5. @Nfested Do you like euro-pop? One thing I've noticed over the years is that SM tends to go for the europop sound, JYP goes for american retro and rnb, YG goes for american hip-hop and rnb.


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