[July 3, 2010] MBC Music Core Highlights + Commentary

I honestly really hope I live to see the light of an Inki recap tomorrow. But that's in the future - this is the present. MuCore today was surprisingly OK sound-wise. It wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't crap like before. Yayyy.

Taeyang made his "comeback" with a three-song suite, and Miss A debuted. But where in the world was D-NA today? The week I comeback is the week they don't perform on MuCore. *pouts* Oh well.

YT credit goes to CrazyCarrot250. I'll update once a video of the CN Blue performance comes out.

Miss A - Bad Girl
During certain parts of the song, especially the beginning, I found it hard to believe that they weren't miming, but as they started getting tired with all that dancing, they were clearly singing live. I really do commend them for one, actually having vocals and two, attempting to sing live with that kind of routine - it takes a lot of guts and backing from your agency to do that. Plus, they were actually pretty good vocally. That takes talent - either you have it or you don't, and they do. The song is kinda bleh, but at least they've got the skill.

Infinite - Come Back Again (review)
Infinite confuse me. I was watching their cover of this Chris Brown song the other day and they weren't half bad, so why were they OK there and crap here? It could be the song, or it could be the singing and dancing at the same time, but seriously, they sounded like an absolute train wreck today. Oh well. *sigh*

Sistar - Push Push (review)
SISTAR are no match for Miss A - I'm making them rivals right now. LOL. Seriously, these girls look so lazy compared to the new JYP group. Yeah, one of them can sing and one of them raps (how well, I have no idea), but the song sucks and the other two girls are like backup dancers, pretty faces or whatever.

Orange Caramel - Magic Girl (review. kinda.)
This song is starting to seriously get on my nerves now. Vocals are decent for the kind of song it is, and at least they don't look like Cabbage Patch Kids or anything like that anymore, but I'm just not in the mood right now to see three girls frolic around stage singing about sweets and stuff.

When you mute the performance you'd think MBLAQ are a pretty OK boyband - slick choreography and tight delivery, they really look like performers. But then the minute you turn the sound back on, it's like "what the crap is this horrific scene I'm watching?" I tried to like you guys, MBLAQ, I really did, but I'm afraid it's still a no.

4Minute - I My Me Mine
The slick-er outfits plus the better vocals helped make the performance a little more decent today and the song is bearable now, BUT I LIKED HUH BETTER. *sobs* Well I guess this is better than them doing a complete change.

Taeyang -Solar + I Need A Girl with GD + Just a Feeling
I'm not a big Taeyang fan, and I don't think I will be for a while. I want to like him, I really do, but nothing ever turns out right when it comes to the guy. I liked the intro (Solar), but I Need A Girl kinda just went on and on and on for me that I was begging for it to please end. The performance bored me, and probably the only part I actually liked was when GD came out and made everything lively again. Just A Feeling was better over-all, and I think the tempo helped, but his voice cracked towards the end. I always thought Taeyang was the performer in Big Bang along with GD, but I don't think he can do it on his own just yet.

Super Junior - No Other
SERIOUSLY. Leeteuk freaks me out enough on regular days, but now he just has to start smiling like a creep. Sorry, non-ELF here. (I'm NOT a hater! ugh.) My tentative theory is apparently true, No Other is more of fan service. But I'm not a fan. I mean the song itself is pretty decent, nothing to rave about, but bearable - it's the performance that makes me cringe. Kyuhyun seems to be enjoying himself though - his vocals had some soul today. Yay.


  1. Why no commentary on Kan Mi Youn?

  2. SISTAR does seem lazy compared to style of Miss A. It's such a shame too since they seemed to have some sort of potential pre-debut. The two good girls were good as usual. It's almost as if vocal good girl is carrying the performance by herself though. The non-tutu wearing sucky girl seems to suck less now. To me she went from weak --> subpar (You can kinda hear her over the backtrack now) I have no words for tutu girl. She barely improved if at all.

    ***One thing SISTAR did that I liked. While the rapper was doing her 1st part, the other girls were being actual vocal back-ups. (0:30-0:36) Too bad it was only for that one part. I'd love it if other groups would do this as well. Do you know of any other groups that do this?

    Hopefully Miss A will not go the Wonder Girls way. (Starting w/ vocal potential but shifting towards catchy songs later on). I find the song a little too slow and forgettable and a very non-Korean flavor to it.

  3. Wait, so who won? And where is CN Blue?


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