[July 24, 2010] MBC Music Core Highlights + Commentary

I'll just get this out as fast as humanely possible - I have a BoA review to write! And most likely I'll be home late again tonight, so my Inki recap will come late too. Video credit for today's recap goes to CrazyCarrot250. Always brilliant. LOL.

G.NA - I'll Back Off So You Can Live (review)
She sounded off at the beginning, but thankfully by the second verse she was the way she always was. HyunA's part was a little boring, I prefer the guy from BEAST. This girl seriously needs to learn how to carry herself on stage like a performer. Not a diva or a "rookie", a performer. They're pushing her as an outstandingly good artist, her skills as a performer should match her vocals.

Girls' Day - Tilt Your Head
To be fair, their vocals improved today, however much they can given the crap song. And honestly, I do think they have more sophistication than SISTAR. But they still suck, sorry.

Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
Well that's more like it! All they had to do to get the breathlessness out was win two awards. LOL. They must've been really nervous before they won that now that they have, they're doing pretty darn good. I still don't like the song as much as I'd like to, but out of all the groups who've recently debuted, I'd say they're by far the best. No question.

Infinite - Come Back Again
They were getting better the last few times we saw them, but they just stopped for a few shows and suddenly they suck again? For some strange reason, they kinda remind me of ZE:A back when they were really new. Towards the tail end, the vocals started getting better - but that was for like 10 seconds. Not impressed.

Sistar - Push Push (review)
Holy crap what the hell happened to tutu girl's tutu? IT JUST GOT BIGGER. lol. But anyway, what use is a single if only one of the 4 girls can sing it? I'm now sure that more than one of them can actually sing, but not on this song. Even if that song they did for the video game soundtrack was a little generic, I'd rather they promote it than this.

ZE:A - Level Up
Their vocals are getting better, yes, but their improvement's getting masked by the fact that the song is pathetic. Sorry guys, try again.

MBLAQ - One Better Day
The only part I like is the piano line at the beginning before they start singing - that says a lot about them and how they perform. Like I always say, if all they really do on stage is look good and maybe dance together, then why be idols who're supposed to make songs? Form a dance group for all I care, but if you can't sing why push it? Seriously.

4Minute - I My Me Mine
I don't know exactly why, but they kinda lost their punch on this performance. I mean technically their vocals were strong and they carried themselves, but the punch they had when I said I was starting to like them suddenly disappeared. I wonder what's wrong.

Black Pearl - Gogossing
Have I publicly professed my love for Black Pearl yet? I will now. Except for the girl with the thing in her hair, they have gorgeous voices. And I mean gorgeous. Harmonies on music shows, strong vocals and a nice perky (but sometimes cheap) song - what more can I ask for? HARMONIES PEOPLE, HARMONIES.

SHINee - Up & Down + Lucifer (review)
ONEW YOU ARE BRILLIANT. Jonghyun has a tendency to go wild when he sings live and sometimes fails, almost like Mark Westlife, but Onew, onew just nails it. But, I do think that this sounds better recorded - I was listening to the recording all day yesterday and I can't get enough. Like seriously, I'm itching to hear it every few seconds. This is bad. The performances are good, strong, and there's no question that these guys are performers, but I'd have to go with the recording on this.

Son Dambi - Queen
I don't like the song as much as I did when I first heard it (before I saw the videos and performances), but she is getting better at performing it. Like I said, Pledis makes performers, not necessarily singers, but at least they're better than MBLAQ because they're not just trying to look good on stage - they're trying to entertain. And besides, Queen is a song this girl can most likely pull off brilliantly if she tries hard enough - it's not out of the range of her abilities.

Super Junior - No Other + Bonamana
Actually, that was pretty good. Except for a few slips here and there, it's kinda said that they only really got the hang of things when they're ending promo. The vocals were strong, the performance was tight, and I "enjoyed" it. LOL. I really did.


  1. I really agree with the SHinee part of your today's recap. Jonghyun has the tendency to overwork things, but all in all - I am still impressed on how five of them can carry that tune. Including the fact that they are dancing to it as well.

    Just yesterday, they were praised for singing completely live after videos with MR being removed circulated.

    No shame in Shinee at all, and they have improved for all we know it.

  2. I must say though, SHINee looks ridiculous. They looked fine in yesterday's performance, but today? Just plain ridiculous.
    And I don't like Jonghyun's vocals at all anymore, especially with Lucifer now.

  3. Yes, Onew was once again brilliant. It's unbelievable (to me) that he hits those ad libs effortlessly despite the dancing. To quote someone I read in Omona, it's like Onew 'leveled up' in Lucifer (album & performances) and he stands out right now. Key has improved so much too. The choreo was much tighter today. Plus the cameraman was way better in capturing it.

    This song is tough to sing live so I can understand why you like the recording better. I like both though. Live adds to the fierceness. I wish Jonghyun would stop over-singing though. I am worried about his voice.

    Re GNA: I agree. She's got the vocals but she doesn't have that "star" presence. She's pretty enough but I can't quite pinpoint why there seems to be something missing.

  4. yes onew is awesome! but what's with the terrible outfits!


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