[July 11, 2010] SBS Inkigayo Highlights + Commentary

Pretty much the same line-up as yesterday's MuCore, except for D-NA and Orange Caramel. Let's get straight to the recap, shall we?

If Music Core replaced their sound engineer, Inkigayo must've given theirs a scolding - it's better, but not perfect. "It's better than nothing" is a phrase I've learned to use a lot in kpop. As always, YT credit goes to CrazyCarrot350.

Girls' Day - Tilt Your Head
Can I barf now? OK fine, I won't. But seriously, even if their performances are getting shorter and shorter, they still suck. The shorter airtime is a welcome relief though. Do these girls even like what they're singing? It seems like the one girl who had that pre-debut video where she sang Take A Bow suddenly disappeared - I honestly can't spot her.

Teen Top - Clap
"Emotional Teen Pop Band"? o.O The set today looks like a slightly cheaper version of a set they could've used for 2PM's Without U, and maybe even the outfits. There's even fire! All we need now is rain. I'll have to admit though, that was a tight performance. For a new group that was pretty good. Vocals-wise they falter a bit, but they do know how to perform and not just try and look good on stage. I'll be watching them from now on.

Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
Why do I keep screwing up the title of this song? I think I've put the wrong title on 2 recaps already. *sigh* I'm glad we've solved most of the breathlessness, but the girl in the tutu-like thing wasn't very good today - what went wrong? She's usually decent. Over-all it was a strong performance, as usual. There's nothing else to say!

Infinite - Come Back Again (review)
They're not that good to start with, then you put them together with SBS' crap sound system - epic fail, I'm afraid. Although, I do hear more than one guy with a decent voice. Maybe in the future Infinite, but not now.

Sistar - Push Push (review)
What do I have to say? The epitome of cheap. The choreography, the clothes (oh God the clothes) and the song itself sound so cheap it kills. They don't have finesse, there's no grace to their performance - maybe it's because the song doesn't allow it, but maybe they really are like that. A good performer can and will make the cheapest song into a song with class - 2NE1 is the perfect example of that. But you see, SISTAR aren't 2NE1 - they don't have the training and the abilities that 2NE1 got. Oh well.

ZE:A - Level Up
It pains me to watch something like this - a song with absolutely no dynamics performed by a bunch of amateurs. They look like a single unit now, yes, but if getting to that stage takes a song like this, I'd rather watch their All Day Long era performances. This is not working, ZE:A.

CN Blue - Love
There's not much difference arrangement-wise - it's just the regular arrangement played with a bass and 2 electric guitars and they changed the setting to "heavy metal" or "rock". And maybe a few changes to the drum line here and there. I like the original one better though, BUT THE DRUMMER IS STILL TOO DAMN FAR. Here we go again. Need I remind these people every single time that the drummer is the single most important part of the performance? *sigh*

4Minute - I My Me Mine
I can now stand 4Minute - Mel will be happy. So there, I think they're now my third favorite girl group. Give me a few weeks to do my research and watch a few TV shows, then I'll tell you when I'm 100% sure. 4Minute have developed grace and finesse on stage, and they used to be the cheap version of 2NE1, so SISTAR may just have a shot. Although technically, 4Minute are under a big three company - Cube Ent. is under JYPE. So SISTAR might not have a shot. Oh well, 4Minute are still decent now. Yay.

Taeyang -I Need A Girl
Pretty much the same observations for Taeyang today - the song sounds better recorded. And his voice seems a bit off as well, more nasal than usual - in Filipino he sounds paos, like he has a sore throat or something.

Black Pearl - Gogossing
Harmoniesssss - my ears are in heaven. That's what I call a girl group, if they can dance that's a plus, but it doesn't matter 'coz they can damn sing! I do wonder what their old material sounds like, so maybe after this I'll go do some more research, deeper than what I already know. For some reason, the girl on the far right reminds me of Solbi, and the girl next to her (with the brilliant voice) reminds me of Sooyoung SNSD. Hmm.

Son Dambi - Can't U See + Queen
Son Dambi is a good performer - I'll give her that. She's still miming a lot of her performance, but she does carry herself very well on stage, which is good. Pledis acts seem to really be like that - good performers, mostly sub-par vocalists. I think the clothes and the set had something to do with Queen sounding very cheap yesterday, it sounds a little more tasteful today.

Narsha - Bbri Ri Bba Bba
I now actually like the chorus of this song. The verses are OK, and the hook is very catchy (true to it's name), but to a certain extent the chorus intrigues me - it's so ethereal. I like. I do appreciate the fact that Narsha's agency is actually spending and, in turn, making an effort - the gazillion back-up dancers, the outfits and the rather.. interesting video show that. Hey, at least someone's making an effort. And besides, Narsha actually has a voice - it's not like she's some pretty face with no actual talent.

Super Junior - No Other
Well they won today. Congrats! The vocals were pretty strong, which is good. Everyone looks normal today - no creepy smiles or extreme emo-ing. My only complaint is that Ryeowook sounded horrid at the beginning, but other than that they were OK today.


  1. That one member of SISTAR is like a cheap version of CL. She's the only one in the group that got my attention. The other members of the group need to go back into training though.

    The thing that I like about Narsha is that she has the attitude and the confidence that only a 30 year old woman can have. She shows all those little girls how things are done.

  2. miss A > SISTAR
    SISTAR's got nothing on miss A.

    4minute?! Decent?! No way, they are my favourite girl group. But then again, that's your opinion...

    I've stopped watching 4minute, Super Junior and Taeyang's performance though, I find them so boring and old already.

    I only really like Son Dambi and Narsha's performance.


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