[July 23, 2010] KBS Music Bank Highlights + Commentary

One of the main reasons why I'm still writing these recaps is because SHINee are back - if they weren't promoting Lucifer I'd stop writing and study. But nooooooo! Hahah. A rather "shocking" winner today and no, it wasn't SHINee. Hahah!

Video credit goes to Unknowncarrot150

G.NA - I'll Back Off So You Can Live (review)
Last week I had some doubts about whether or not she was singing live, but this week I'm sure she is - looks like last week as just a warm-up. In terms of vocals. She has the vocals and most probably the dancing mastered, but her performances lack an "aura", not sophistication, an aura. You can tell she's trying to make her eyes expressive, but it's like she can only make one expression - she doesn't really feel what she's singing. And if all she does is stand there and sing, she doesn't know how to command an audience. She's a fantastic live singer, yes, but she has to become a performer, she has to learn. With time. But I'm glad she has her vocals down.

Sistar - Push Push (review)
I was listening to that song they did for a video game sound track and I was surprised that they actually sounded decent on it - the song was simple, could be perceived as generic, but it had that little amount of "sophistication" that they desperately need. We now have recorded proof that more than one girl in SISTAR can sing - I'm happy. But the catch is, that isn't the song they're promoting and "making a name for themselves" with - it's the crappy song below. They've certainly gotten comfortable with performing the song, or at least the girl who sings has, but if the song itself sucks, the entire thing will fall apart, especially when the girls don't have the ability to make crap songs sound good. But not a lot of people do, so I wouldn't blame them.

ZE:A - Level Up
I don't even wanna bother with ZE:A anymore - it's a lost cause. Where's the song in this? I know they look like an entire unit now, but they lost the music component of it. Give me back All Day Long and I'll gladly take that.

MBLAQ - One Better Day
It's a cheesy song, first off, and they sound so nasal. But in fairness, they sound better if you compare it to their vocals on Y. Still too concerned with looking good on stage, I say, and their singing sounds so deadpan. Like, can you guys please sing with some enthusiasm?

Son Dambi - Queen
Son Dambi has never been a live singer, and I think we all have to learn to accept that. Yes, even me. She does have a certain presence on stage, and she's a good performer, but she needs foundations. If G.NA is all foundation and no performance, Son Dambi's the complete opposite. She sounds better than she did on her comeback week though.

SHINee - Up & Down + Lucifer (review)
Any first performance will be flawed in one way or another - no one's perfect - but I just gotta say, that was one heck of a comeback performance. There were a few slips here and there in terms of vocals, but as a whole that was borderline fantastic. The vocals were strong enough, but could be better, and the choreography+execution, in the eyes of someone who knows nothing about those, were very tight and well-done. SHINee have that sophistication I always look for - they know how to command an audience and carry a performance. Like I said, music is half-heard and half-felt - you cannot have music without emotion because then it would be useless. This performance was one of the few that have made my chest kind of tighten - very few groups have been able to deliver performances that do that to me, and it's a very good sign. I do hope they improve over the next few weeks though, and that Minho gets better! Him sitting there was better than him not being there at all, but I gotta say that nothing will beat Jaejoong's platforms and thrones on Rising Sun when he tore/pulled a cartilage. :D

Narsha - Bbri Ri Bba Bba
OK her outfits are getting more and more freaky by the week. I'm kinda slowly getting sick of the song as well - it's lost its bite and character. Oh well.

Super Junior - No Other
*sigh* I'll say it - I like the song. But that's mainly because everyone sounds good on it now. Leeteuk's smile still freaks me out and choreography's a bit too cheesy for my taste, but I like the song.

Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl (WINNER)
I'm glad that at least 80% of their breathlessness has been eliminated - it's just skirt girl and pink-haired girl who need to try a bit more. But I will say that they're worthy of their win - I'm relieved that kpop knows how to spot talent. I know the song isn't the best in the world, but these wins (yesterday and today) should give JYP a wake-up call to give them better material in the near future. And by near future I mean NEAR future - like, ASAP. Apart from the breathless parts, it was a strong performance as always, and


  1. SHINee!!! That's what a comeback should look like. Well done, SHINee. It wasn't perfect plus the cameraman sucked but it's the first perf so they'll just get better.

    I don't think I am being biased when I say Onew owned that stage both in Up and Down and Lucifer. I like Jjong but he was just trying too hard. You should try listening to the "music removed" version. Jeez, Onew sounded phenomenal. Actually all the boys did despite the hard dancing. Jjong should pace himself though.

    SHINee's back baby. I suspect I will be spazzing so much the next month or so.

  2. Did you notice in "Lucifer" that someone - maybe Jonghyun - attempted harmonies on "loverholic, robotronic"? It was very faint and lasted only about 2 seconds, but I pretty much died from happiness hearing it.

  3. Onew by far was the best, jonghyun was so pitchy, taemin was out of breathe could hardly hear him clearly. key and minho were fine. had too much heavy breathing picked up by the mics
    their performance on music core today was awesome though


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