[July 4, 2010] SBS Inkigayo Highlights + Commentary

Can you believe this is only the fourth time I've written a recap for Inki? Thank goodness the sound today wasn't as crap as usual. It was still bad, but we've all experienced worse so this is good enough. A lot of surprising observations today, even I was a little surprised that I think those. I'll stop blabbing now and get to the performances.

YT credit goes to CrazyCarrot350.

Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl (review)
Could this be, am I starting to like Miss A? As performers, yes - the vocals, the stage presence and everything about how they perform is great - but in terms of the material, it's still a no. They're miles better than the other rookie girl group though, and I expect big things from them - better material, for a start.

Infinite - Come Back Again (review)
I believe I said a while back that there's probably only one guy who can sing (based on this single) and he's only good enough to be in 2PM (vocally). Well apparently he's not as consistent as I'd like him to be, and there's another guy who did quite well today - I'll pinpoint and tell you who it is once I learn their names for heaven's sake! Same observations - tight choreography, but crap vocals. If all they care about is dancing, then might as well be backup dancers, not singers.

Sistar - Push Push (review)
I now realize the luxury and value of training with a big three company. You look at how slick Miss A are with their nice costumes, tight choreography and practiced vocals, and then you look at SISTAR - what a big big difference. In some band's cases it doesn't matter where they're signed to and who they trained with, but in the case of these two bands, it matters. They look fun and all, but they don't have sophistication. Not necessarily in how they look, but more in how they move and take the stage - in Filipino they have too much of what you call "kuwela". That's not a good thing.

Orange Caramel - Magic Girl (review. kinda.)
The excessive cuteness of everything, the fanboy screams and the orange (fruit)-print boots really annoyed me today - I've had enough of Orange Caramel. Bring on the next After School sub-unit please - I beg you, Pledis. I'll go down on both knees if I have to.

Holy crap they actually sounded a tiny, mili-whatever bit better today. Not anywhere near good yet, but let's just say that a certain second favorite girl group of mine were at this stage once, and look at what they've become. Sometimes I think I give off the impression that I don't want these bands to be good singers and I hate them with a passion and all, but in reality I don't - I really, really wanna like majority of them, it's just that they're really not good enough for me. We'll see what kind of band MBLAQ turn into.

4Minute - I My Me Mine
4Minute are starting to get less and less annoying in terms of vocals, and because of that their vocals actually sound like vocals now, not some confused cross between rapping and singing. Hurrah. I like Cube Entertainment, at least their acts are good performers and they're trying to be good singers. Give me a single better than Huh, and I might just like you girls.

Taeyang - I Need A Girl with GD + You're My(review)
Taeyang's boring me more and more as the days go by, I'm really sorry. The chorus is the band kind of anti-climatic, and the fact that the song doesn't really go anywhere makes it worse. I do like the nice piano loop - it's very sophisticated - but that's it. I'll stick with the recording, thank you very much.

Super Junior - No Other
Yay Leetuek isn't flashing his creepy smile for 90% of the song anymore. Or did the cameraman watch the other 2 performances and deliberately not zoom in on Teuk when he was all creepy? Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'll keep my mouth shut now. Out of the three performances this weekend, I like this one the best. Maybe it's coz I like their outfits, the backdrop looks really sophisticated and surprisingly, there were hardly any slip-ups in terms of vocals. I think I'm getting used to the whole idea of this single. As long as Leeteuk doesn't look like a creep, they dress nicely, and they have good vocals - it might just grow on me.

CN Blue - Love(WINNER)
The drummer isn't that far from the band today compared to yesterday's blasphemy, but HE'S STILL TOO FAR. Don't give me the "he's too loud" excuse because I won't buy it. The rest of the band not only has to hear the drummer but feel the rhythm - WHAT ELSE DO YOU THINK A FRIGGIN' DRUMMER IS FOR, HUH? DISPLAY? Ughhh. The drummer is the single most important part of a live performance because he dictates the speed and pace of the entire thing - without him they'll fall apart. But moving on, it's a catchy song, and other guy finally has a name - Jonghyun! Hahah. So I look Jonghyun's vocals better than Yonghwa's, I can now formally declare that. I'd say they're worthy of their win today - triple crown, perhaps?


  1. Miss A is doing better today. I like it that the two Chinese girls don't get stuck with barely-there lines *cough*Victoria f(x)*cough*. They get around the same amount of singing time as the other two and they seem very comfortable too, always a good thing. The pink hair while cool, is still random. I want to see if they can keep this up next week.

    SISTAR, after looking up some more videos, I entirely blame Push Push for making the group look bad. Their dance is too condensed while the stage seemed too big for them. Aside from the main vocalist, the radio perfs show that the non-tutu sucky girl is actually pretty good. I didn't see how well the rapper sings, but tutu girl didn't prove herself at all.
    The group had some nice harmonies during their cover of Jamelia - Superstar

  2. Did you ever figure out the other person from Infinite who you said did well?
    Just curious :D

  3. About MBLAQ, I've been looking up videos of them live and I totally agree that they're not very good at performing when it comes to the songs 'Y' and 'Oh Yeah' and most of their other more popular songs. However! I just saw a clip of 3 of the members performing Maroon 5's 'This Love' and I was amazed at the difference and how well they did compared to their other performances. If you're interested in watching it, ummm, just copy and paste this...


    I don't mean any offense, I just meant to share. :p


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