[July 25, 2010] SBS Inkigayo Highlights + Commentary

I'VE FINALLY COMPLETED ANOTHER WEEKEND OF RECAPS! *pops confetti* Let's finish things off with Inkigayo, and yes, Taeyang won again, SHINee made their comeback, and Super Junior finished off promo for Bonamana (the album).

Video credit: CrazyCarrot350 :D

G.NA - I'll Back Off So You Can Live (review)
I just noticed today, but she looks so uncomfortable on stage. Seriously, it's like she's about to cry, not because of her song, but because she hates being on stage - she moves, and looks, like a robot. I know she must love performing to be in the industry and be a trainee for as long as she has been, but it clearly doesn't show and if it doesn't show, that means her performances are once again ineffective. Seriously, it's like the entire performance perked up when Doojoon came on, and then went back to zero when he left. She should be able to carry herself on her own, but it doesn't look like she can. I hope I can add a "yet" after that.

Teen Top - Clap
Teen Top looks very sophisticated and practiced and all, but until I hear more than two guys singing on a lead single, I think they'll be a cross between Infinite and MBLAQ. They're trying too hard to look good on stage, but there are guys in the group who can sing, it just doesn't really show, even if their material is somewhat decent. They have to prove me wrong on that one, somehow.

Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
Ouch. What happened to pink-haired girl towards the end? Completely stopped singing for like 2 seconds. I don't know if I should be disappointed or feel bad for them - I know a lot of people have said the routine's hard plus they're singing live, which makes it especially hard. But then they pretty much pulled it off yesterday, which means it's humanely possible to sing and dance that thing at the same time. Oh well. Although now that they've proven they can sing, dance and literally do gymnastics, I think it's time for a better song, don't you, JYP? LOL.

Sistar - Push Push (review)
Just... no. Next single, please. And next time make it a little tasteful, please?

ZE:A - Level Up
Ugh. Next song, please.

Black Pearl - Gogossing
Seeing these girls just make me miss CSJH even more. Seriously, I miss girl groups with actual vocals, who actually make use of them. Another consistent performance - and the even stronger harmonies today just sent be ballistic. I'M IN LOVE WITH THOSE HARMONIES. lol.

SHINee - Up & Down + Lucifer (review)
It's good to know that some people agree with me when I say Jonghyun's live singing is getting a tad bit too excessive. He was just a big, slightly wild voice before, and it was just a matter of taste that I didn't like his vocals, but now it's like he's like how he should've been when they just debuted - running before even attempting to walk. He's trying to do all these ad-libs and high notes all over the place, and because he's not really sure whether he can sing it or not, he fails several times. But when he's sure of what he's singing, he actually sounds good. Even with Jonghyun going wild today and SBS' most of the time crap sound, I do think that this was the best performance out of the three - if we're talking about performance as a whole. Onew was phenomenal to say the least, Taemin and Key sounded good, Minho was... Minho, and Jonghyun had his good points.

Son Dambi - Queen
For Son Dambi vocal standards, today's performance was pretty good, actually. Not as good as I'd like it to be, but good enough. In Filipino, pwede na. She does carry herself well and command the audience, so I'm OK.

Super Junior - No Other + Bonamana
Well, it seems like their rather impeccable performance yesterday was just luck - and we're back to having not very strong vocals. If my "calculations" are correct, this is the last ever promo performance of both songs - it's a pity they didn't make it phenomenal. Oh well, I guess I'll just go watch yesterday's brilliance.

Taeyang - I Need A Girl (WINNER)
It's been a while since I last recap-ed a Taeyang performance, but I'm afraid my opinion hasn't changed - don't like him, the song, and the way he performs it. I'm sorry. But I wouldn't go as far as saying he doesn't deserve his win, because he's definitely better than a handful of other idols. So yeah.


  1. SHINee just keeps getting better and better...and its just their 3rd stage for Lucifer. I love these boys - so talented.

    I want to marry Onew's voice... LOL. He was FLAWLESS again today. This is Jonghyun's best stage yet so I hope he keeps getting better. His long note has been great but i agree that some of his verses and ad libs are sometimes off. Key & Taemin continue to surprise me. Experience is indeed a great teacher, well at least to the SHINee boys.

    I will miss Suju. I actually enjoyed No Other a lot more than Bonamana (bec its so fan-servicey).

  2. PLEASE RECAP CHAE YEON! She works very hard and she deserves our attention!

  3. I never know you like CSJH! I'm so happy to find another person who appreciates their talents. I really like Lina's voice and everyone in the group can sing well. Hope they come up with new materials as soon as possible, Dancing In The Rain was really great.

    PS. Hope you review Chae Yeon too!


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