Weekly Dumptruck

Yes, this is an attempt to find a catchy name for these kinds of posts I'll be doing from now on. I'll be experimenting, but do keep in mind that I suck at making names. Every week, depending on whether or not I have the time, I'll be writing up some short reviews for new singles - kinda like the 'new music' posts I used to do, pre-kpop. The ones I write full reviews for are the ones I have a lot to say about, otherwise, they go here. AND! I realize how bad I've been to indie artists, not featuring them and all, so I'll try and squeeze in one or two every week. Sounds good? It better! ;D

You know what to do. I hope you do. hahah!

What's this I hear about a new Maroon 5 single? Give A Little More? I like it. It's not as in-your-face and probably mainstream as Misery, but it's got it's own character. I LOVE the drums at the beginning and how everything builds on top of that - that's basically what a song should be. Not as literal as what they did for this, but the concept of the entire band depending on the percussion. ANYWAY. From the little I know about these types of things, it comes off as very Disco to me, 70's maybe? If I called it wrong, feel free to correct me. And of course, I adore the middle 8, and how the transition back to the chorus is just so natural. The hook sticks, but it's neither too laid-back nor too annoying. I WANT THIS ALBUM NOW.

2PM have a new track out, "dedicated" to their fanclub and it's called.. wait for it... Thank You. Fantastic title. Reminds me of those "goodbye" singles out in the mid-2000's, when all the late 90's bands were splitting up left and right. Not implying that 2PM are splitting though, because they're not. At least for the next few albums, no one knows. It's got the stereotypical JYP singing, but I do like the epic-ness of it towards the end - it's there but it doesn't hit you over the head. It's.. pretty. Not gorgeous or stunning or anything, but pretty nevertheless.

This isn't exactly super new, but I haven't said anything about Madonna, the new Secret single, and I kinda like Secret. When it came out, a lot of people were saying it sounds like Magic, but if it did I would've noticed it before I even found out they were comparing the two. The song could possibly sound cheap and crap if done the wrong way, but Secret pulled it off nicely. They've improved a heck of a lot since Magic, and they weren't half-bad back then - I'm starting to think they could possibly succeed because they've already got the variety show market cornered, and they have actual talent. For now, Madonna's pretty good.

In my attempt to update myself with American music, I found this new Taylor Swift number - Permanent Marker. Is this a single or just some random buzz track for Speak Now? (See, I know she's bringing out an album!) I did some digging, and apparently she recorded this, then sold the rights to someone else. Whosever it is, it's a pretty song - very Taylor Swift. The distinct country instruments and treatment, her country twang, and the pretty melody made that bit more mainstream - you know it's a Taylor Swift song the second you hear it, you just don't know which one it is.

K. Now for the indie part I was talking about. On BOOMerang, CJ Baran has a rather smooth voice, reminds me a bit of Simon Curtis, or someone in his league. Very much like the pop I used to blog about, but still love. The song's got these trance-y elements, and the instrumental sounds like something my dad would blast out of his custom-made stereo, and he doesn't blast a lot of stuff out of that. It's got a nice melody and it's well-produced - I'll be following how this guy's career goes.


  1. Yes to the new maroon 5 single. A big yes actually.

    Yes to CJ Baran.

    A cautious yes to the Taylor Swift songs.

    A "ooo" to an act called Secret doing a song called Madonna after madonna did a song called Secret.

    No to "dumptruck" :P

  2. I'm talking about 2PM and Secret.

    Yes, Thank You sounds like a goodbye single but I think it's a very sweet song to fans. I love the MV and seeing the cute things they wrote on the board, the behind the scenes of the concert are cute. LOL at Junho trying to say "real"

    Who is who in Secret? I love Zinger (she looks like she has actually got weight on her body) and the girl saying "trendy hot style." I would put Secret as my 7th favourite girl group, Madonna is a great song along with the two other songs on that mini album Lalala and Do Better.

  3. THE GIRL ON THE GO, tAYLOR sWIFT! Love this girl, I love the studio version, was just leaked out for me to enjoy.

  4. The 'country twang'(which I kind of find offensive is more appropriately called the Southern drawl


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