Blake Lewis - End of the World

Artist: Blake Lewis
Album: Audio Daydream
Year: 2007
Rating: 4/5

When Blake didn't win American Idol last season, I went crazy. I always thought it would be a Melinda vs. Blake final, without Jordin. OK, Jordin is a nice girl, she's got a voice but she isn't any different from everybody else. Melinda and Blake are two other stories. Melinda is well, Melinda. She seems so shy but once she gets on that stage, she can blow everyone away, and I mean everyone. Blake is cool, he's contemporary, he beat boxes. Although I still think that no one has rivaled Bo's a capella performance for the final, Blake's performances are creative and he fuses new with old. After a while, I realized that not winning may be better for Blake, like it was for Bo because he can do things his way. Boy was I wrong.

When his album came out, I was disappointed. Where was the Blake we've all come to know and love and WHY are they making him sing all these ballads and/or crappy songs when he's better than those? Sometimes I just don't understand record companies.

I have three favorite songs on this album, but they're all ballads. OK, the melodies are to die for, but this is not the Blake we know. The Blake we know would sing something like 'You Give Love A Bad Name', put beat boxing in it and it would be amazing.

This song is slow, it's kinda cliche-ish but the melody will kill you, it's drop-dead amazing. I don't really have that much to say about this song but buy the album if you want to hear it alright?


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