Britney Spears - Radar

Artist: Britney Spears
Album: Blackout
Year: 2007

Rating: 1.7/5

Warning: If you like Britney, DON'T READ THIS REVIEW. I hate her.

Oh yes, it's Britney Bitch! Haha, NO. I just don't get why everybody loves this album to death. Britney can't sing, her songs sound the same and the only reason why she's still around is because she gets involved in car crashes, gets arrested and has a sister who stars in a nick series which is crap.

I've heard the lead single, the worthless song 'Gimme More' and then was it 'Piece of Me'? Yeah. So now we have 'Radar', which isn't as bad as the other tracks but it's still a lame excuse for a song. Seriously, who likes this stuff? Oh, right.

Well, I hate it. Britney's voice goes into extremely annoying mode in this song, as if it wasn't already annoying to start with. Who the hell gave her a record deal in the first place? She doesn't have the voice, she doesn't have the songs, she's just 'pretty'. 

It's always been Britney vs. Christina but it's clear who wins there, Christina. Britney's no match for Christina's powerhouse vocals and not bad songs. Christina's vocals are amazing, mind-blowing, Britney's are nasal and annoying. There's no competition. Done deal.

This song is the best of the worst(if you make me review 'Gimme More', I'll die first, or give it a 0..). OK, maybe a little better but still, it's horrible. I mean, the annoying sound at the start just puts me off, big time. Then the vocals are so compressed, not that I actually enjoy Britney's vocals at all but still, the compression has got to stop. Then the lyrics. I mean, COME ON. The title is bad enough but gosh, I didn't know she could stoop this low.

I've heard four songs, I don't want to hear the rest. I don't want to suffer listening to songs that sound like this and her annoying voice. *throws up*


  1. Are you kidding me. While Radar is probably the worst song on the album, blackout is amazing. You obviously either too closed minded to even give it a try or you just lack taste. This album practically isn't Britney's, its her producers and man do they do a fine job. I don't know maybe its just your taste, you are honestly one of the first people I have heard that doesn't like blackout. Leave her personal life behind and accept that she has 'created' one of the best pop albums of the year.

  2. oliver, it's her personal preference. if you like it, then like it. don't insult someone for not liking what you like!

  3. Letting people know that you hate an artist makes people presume that you've already judged the ablum based on your dislike. People wont take your opinion for other albums seriously! Critics atleast the good ones put their own bias aside when listening or watching media.

  4. ,,,,continue making songs that is inspiring especially in us teens!!!!! may god bless you a thousand times.....


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