Brian McFadden - Twisted

Artist: Brian McFadden
Album: Set In Stone
Year: 2008
Rating: 4.5/5

It's hard to believe that this guy used to be in Westlife judging by this song. I mean, this is NOTHING like Westlife, it's a completely different sound, it's more adult contemporary than pop/ballad. Let's get into Brian.

Brian McFadden was 'the funny one' in Westlife and one of the lead singers for the first six years of the band. In 2000, he started dating Kerry Katona, of Atomic Kitten and then she got pregnant so she left. Then in 2001 I believe, they got married and then had another baby.

Then in 2004, Brian left Westlife. People were saying that it was like when Robbie left Take That. The only difference was that Westlife didn't split up because of it. Then a few months later, he divorced Kerry and started dating Delta Goodrem.

I've never heard his first album, just the single, which I don't really like so I wasn't planning on getting this new album but by some twist of fate or whatever, I still got it. I was impressed when I heard it, and 'Twisted' is one of my favorites on the album. 

The start is kinda cool, and I love the catchy chorus. I mean, who can resist a catchy chorus? The melody is great, it's really hard to believe that a guy who used to be in Westlife wrote this, it's nuts.

Still, I love this song, I love the album and people in the UK, watch out for it!


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