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If you don't wanna read about me, then I suggest you turn your attention to the reviews or to something other than this.

I'm from this little-known third world country we call the Philippines. As a kid, I was exposed to all sorts of music, Jazz, Motown, Pop, Dance, R&B, Classical and everything else in between. Blame that on my dad.

I'm never, ever at a loss for words. I have something to say? I know exactly how to say it. I love music as well, so I guess those two factors made me start this blog. I made this to be an outlet for writing, something I intend to do, as long as I have the time. I made it as a place to put my opinions in, somewhere I can just rant and rant and worship and worship until I can't anymore.

ANYWAY. Although I was exposed to different kinds of genres as a kid, I eventually developed my own taste, which is pop! The first album I ever bought though was Charlotte Church's 'Enchantment' back in second grade but over the years, I've developed an even more unique taste in music.

My likes range from Agnes Carlsson, Westlife, Girls Aloud, the Sugababes, Atomic Kitten, NKOTB and The Saturdays to David Archuleta, Jordan Pruitt, Vanessa Hudgens, The Cheetah Girls and Raven Symone to Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Michelle Williams, Usher and Mario Vazquez and even to Paddy Casey, Coldplay, The Ting Tings, Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift. My dislikes though are also as diverse, although I won't elaborate on them, I already got in an argument for saying that I hate Britney, so I'm keeping my mouth shut.
To read about how I ended up here, read this.


  1. hey "nikki"... ha! i know who you are.. filipina, 14 y/o, 2nd year high school, 8-damselfly in up integrated school...haha found your blog!(i'm still not sure if this is you...haha... i'm just taking my chances)... i know you, but i'm pretty sure you don't know me...xp

    i didn't know your nickname was nikki... ithought it was nox!


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