Lindsay Lohan - Bossy

Sorry for not posting in a million years!

Artist: Lindsay Lohan
Album: TBA
Year: 2008

Rating: 3.5/5

So she's back! OK, I'm not THAT happy that she's back, but at least you can hear me rant some more.

I've always thought that Lindsay wasted her career and I still do. Back then, she had everything, she was a triple threat. Her acting was not bad, she had a voice and not bad songs but then she got into all the drugs and the partying. What a waste. 

She could've had the success Hilary Duff has, but noooooo, she just had to waste it. Seriously, I liked her first album, there were tracks in there that were great. Her second album wasn't as good as her first for me, although the single was OK.

And now she's going into Dance? What happened to the pop/rock girl we used to hear? I mean come on, she has got to be kidding me. Bossy is an OK song, but not for her.

Her voice is too, vocal. You know, it's too rough, and voices for this type of music are mostly compressed or super smooth. Strike one. The middle of the song(about 1:30) is hideous. That thing where she just says 'Let me shine for you', come on. She has got to stop doing that. Strike two. This song is not a dance remix, so she has no right to do what she did during the bridge or before the last chorus set(around 3:15). Strike three.

My review's kinda short today, mainly because I don't really see the point of this song.


  1. Your reviews are absolutly pathetic. I thought you were suposed to review the actual song instead of an autobiography on the artist's history. Nor have you weighed up the positives and negatives of the song which makes you appear biased so really, depending on if you like the artist or not, that straight away determains if it is going to be a good or bad review.

    I personally, find Lindsay Lohan to be one of my favourite artists when it comes to her music. I have loved her albums so far and with the change in music genre I think it suits her. Her edgy/rough voice suits the theme of the song and I think it flows nicely the whole way through.

    "And now she's going into Dance? What happened to the pop/rock girl we used to hear? I mean come on, she has got to be kidding me."

    Wouldn't you EXPECT Lindsay to change into a more dance theme. With the amount of clubs she has been too. She should have a pretty good idea.

    On the downer, this song is very repetative and can become a little boring but it is quite a catchy tune.

    I rate this song: 3/5 :D


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