[#10] Miryo (BEG) and Sunny (SNSD) - "I Love You I Love You"

Format: EP
Released: February
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Appearances: First Appearance

Rap has never really been my taste, mainly because it was one of the few forms of music that I wasn't really exposed to as a kid, and so I never really understood it, let alone developed an ear for it. So it's probably surprising that I really like two songs from Miryo's solo EP this year, as in really like. But I'm not that surprised, to be honest with you.

"I Love You I Love You" is a stunning song, it really is. The production is spot-on It's graceful, it's ethereal -- it sounds glorious. That would be the one word I'd use to describe the song as a whole -- glorious. If songs could glow, this one would. The melody is beautiful, the arrangement is graceful but forceful (those drums!), and this is the kind of song that gives me the impression of a rap part that wasn't thrown in just because.

I hardly talk about emotion in a song unless it's to point out the presence or the lack of it in the performance, but this is one of the few songs where I really felt the emotion of the song itself, and not just the delivery. Before I even heard the English lyrics in the song (and of course with no help from the little Korean I know), I got this bittersweet verging on sad feeling -- this wasn't a happy song.

The key of the song was a big giveaway, but also the piano line -- it was confident, but the notes it was playing were kind of limp. Even the rap part matches, it's not because it's feminine, it's because it's gentle. Even when Miryo pushes, there's this mildness to it. And of course once the melody comes in it gets even more obvious.

Sunny's chorus is my favorite part, and was the one that got me in to the song in the first place. Sunny sounds phenomenal on it, and she gives the chorus this youthful grace. Even if I knew she did have some kind of voice, this just verifies the fact that she's singing all the wrong lines in SNSD songs.

The melody itself has this bittersweet thing going on as well -- it's beautiful in every single sense of the word, but because it's so beautiful it makes the song even more heart-breaking. You want to be happy because it's such a beautiful melody at first glance, but then you get sad because that beauty hits you over the head and breaks your heart.


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