[#20] KARA - "Pandora"

From: "Pandora"
Format: EP
Released: August
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Appearances: #22 -"Lupin" (2010) / #20 -"Jumping" (2010) / #35 -"STEP" (2011) / #33 -"Jet Coaster Love" (2011)

If there's something to commend KARA for, it's having really, really good lead singles, because honestly, everything about them is mediocre at best. Everything from "Lupin" onwards has done a really good job of making it seem like KARA can carry the stage, "Pandora" is no exception.

Yet another Sweetune song, "Pandora" is ever to slightly James Bond/Spy movie-ish, with the choice of synths, and even the chord progressions themselves. I like it, I really do -- it adds a playfulness to the otherwise serious song, and justifies KARA's mousey vocals as a nice contrast.

It's very KARA lead single-material (which is no surprise there) -- you get that trendy, edgy vibe not only from the song itself, but from the treatment and delivery. It's young with a hint seriousness and a lot of mischief.

The vocals were treated extremely well -- chorus parts are padded, and harmonies or double-tracking is added as much as possible. Plus the fact that the melody itself has a graceful urgency at the verses, and lots of kick once the chorus hits. It's a simple melody, it's easy to hum, and it's radio-friendly. You hear any given part of the song and it draws you in -- the individual parts are strong on their own, but they're also cohesive with the rest of the song.

What I like the most about "Pandora" is that it's sexy without being slutty or cheap. It's a classy song, with outstanding production. I can't really ask for more.


  1. Agreed! Kara has amazing lead singles. But sometimes I think that happens because the rest of their discography sucks... as in I can hardly listen to the other tracks on their albums.

    1. Double agree! lol, I love all of Kara's lead singles, and I like KARA as a group, but their albums aren't the greatest. The only good album they had was their very first one, Blooming, with their original line up (a la Seugyeon, Sunghee (I miss Sunghee), Gyuri, and Nicole.) If KARA had stronger vocals and could sing their stuff live, they would be my third favorite girl group.

  2. "Slutty"? Really? That term was designed specifically to degrade women and their sexuality. Also... I'm surprised Kara's so high - they haven't got a single strong vocalist among them.

    1. She wrote "it's sexy without being slutty or cheap", unless your thinking something else, she did not call KARA slutty.


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