[#31] Shinhwa - "Venus"

Format: Full-Length Album
Released: March
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Appearances: First Appearance

Shinhwa are one of the few idol groups who are solid proof that there is indeed some sense of longevity in K-Pop. It was hard enough for them to try and survive through a dry period for idol groups in Korea (back when solo acts ruled circa-early 2000s), and it's even harder now to not fade into obscurity. I mean Shinhwa now isn't the hottest thing since anything like they were back in 1999, but the simple fact that they're still putting out music is good enough for K-Pop.

I really liked "Venus" when it came out this year, and although I wish I could say the same for the rest of the album now, I still like it now. I like it because it takes the formula, makes some very minor tweaks, and delivers it well.

Those verses are beautiful, the arrangement gives a sense of urgency, but the melody itself is stunning enough to work together with the urgent arrangement. You'd think that because the verses are stunning, the chorus will be anticlimactic, but honestly I really like how the instrumental takes a step back and lets the vocals carry the song. The vocals don't pop, but neither does the instrumental -- there's a balance there that really does make the song.

But what I like the most about the song is that even if the chorus sounds very modern and autotune-y and whatnot, it still has a melody, and that melody is still sing-able. It's something I would love to play at a party or a club because of what it sounds like on the outside, but also because I really like how that sound works, and the possibilities it opens. It's radio-friendly, it's club-friendly, it's remix-friendly, but at the same time it's a beautiful song.


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