[#48] Jewelry - "Look At Me"

From: "Look At Me"
Format: EP
Released: October
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Appearances: "Vari2ty" (2009)

One of my biggest problems with a lot of K-Pop girl groups is that they lack that "girl power" element. Call it a product of growing up with groups like the Spice Girls and Destiny's Child -- cutesy girl groups just don't appeal to me. I mean they don't have to run around stage breaking things or blatantly sing about how they don't need men (That totally wasn't meant to be a Miss A reference! I swear!) because even the girl groups of the past didn't do that 24/7, but there's a certain confidence, and maybe even fierceness if they can swing it, that I like paired with the femininity of girl groups.

I found that with "Look At Me". The song is very Duffy-esque on the surface, especially with the choice of instrumental, but that's basically it. The production isn't the best, which sometimes makes the song sound a bit cheap, but at the same time there's some appeal to that and if this were to be overproduced you'd lose the spunk.

The melody has always intrigued me, mainly because it's half of what gives this song that "girl power" feel, and it's also what mostly carries the song. The verses are powerful with bits of femininity courtesy of those "ooh oohs", the bridge is slightly epic, slightly feminine, but with a different kind of confidence to it. The chorus hits and it's spunky bordering in-your-face, but those three lines of melody at the end even everything out.

For some strange reason I always end up wrapping things up with delivery -- I swear this isn't on purpose either! But anyway, a dynamic melody like that is no use without strong delivery on all fronts. The right girls got the right parts on this song -- the strong vocals were put during the verses, the slightly weaker, but nice timbre was put at the bridge, and the rapper got the parts that needed that in-your-face sound. That's also the beauty of girl groups (and even boy bands) -- the song can be as dynamic and contrasting as it can get, but it'll still turn out good if it goes to a girl group whose members can deliver.


  1. I loved this song! This was one of my jams for 2012, but I surprised in ended up low on your list (I thought it would be higher, considering your review of the album haha!)

    Either way, this is another reason why December is my favourite month, I love your top fifty lists. I don't know how you managed to narrow it down though! D: Kudos to you though! Its so tough this year, I have like 80 songs of my list! Therefore I'm doing top 75 ^-^ (if I'm not too lazy to do it xD)

  2. Same here, now I'm waiting for the rest of your Top 50 'cos honestly, among all other releases by a girl group, this is definitely in my Top 5, especially because anything cutesy is completely banned from my list. Personally I don't really know much about Jewelry but I thought this was a good song to distinguish them as the more senior girl groups (albeit with new members), compared to other groups which debuted recently and all within a short period of time between each other.


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