[#17] Boyfriend - "Good Night"

From: "Janus"
Format: Full-Length Album
Released: November
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Appearances: First Appearance

Boyfriend's "Janus" was probably the biggest surprise I got all year -- I wasn't expecting much from them considering their previous releases, but when I listened to the album, I really, really liked what I was hearing. So much so that choosing a song to put on this list wasn't that easy.

"Good Night" reminds me of Infinite's "Nothing's Over" in the sense that even if it's not as heavy as a lot of other K-Pop songs, there's something about it that makes it radio-friendly and performance-ready. Aside from it being an amazing song.

That electric guitar line throughout the entire song is gorgeous -- it doesn't give the song kick like I kind of expected it to, it actually gives it grace, which is the opposite. I really like how, save for the guitar that pops out a lot, the rest of the instrumental is more felt than heard, especially the bass line. And you know how much I love my bass lines felt and heard. That way, we get to pay attention to two things -- the guitar line and that beautiful melody.

The melody was what really sold the song to me -- it's consistently beautiful. Even when it could've sounded sharp or boring, it didn't. The verses are urgent but extremely graceful, the bridges are catchy but gentle, and the chorus has kick, courtesy of the vocals, but it has a soft side to it as well, mainly because of the melody itself.

Put everything together, and it actually kind of sounds glorious -- the electric guitar line under that chorus has this "bask in the glory" sound to it. It's a beautiful song, one I have no problem listening to on repeat for days.


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