[#12] Seo In Young - "ANYMORE"

Format: Digital Single
Released: August
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Appearances: First Appearance

I started appreciating Seo In Young's voice kind of late into my K-Pop addiction, and despite her disaster of a performance at this year's MAMAs, I still really like her voice, and the singles she put out this year.

"ANYMORE" is dance-y, but it's also the kind of dance track that you would give to an act with stature like Seo In Young. While you have all the stereotypical elements of a dance track -- the piano loops, the synths build-ups, the bass line, these little effects scattered around here and there -- they're all second to the melody, and ultimately, the delivery.

I love the melody and how it carries the song very, very well. It's not a hard melody to sing as far as the composition is concerned, but because of the nature of the song it's in a relatively high key -- that's were Seo In Young comes in with her more than capable vocals. She has the technique to deliver it, but she also has the stability in higher ranges to pull it all off.

The song itself is very subdued, compared to other songs there isn't actually that much going on behind the melody -- I can pick out majority of the individual elements without even using headphones. Despite that, I personally like the choices the producer made as far as treatment is concerned. You can hear everything clearly, but at the same time everything falls into place rather nicely.

But I like that subtlety in "ANYMORE", because that means it was able to strike a balance between all these heavy euro-trash-dance tracks that don't really go anywhere, and a beautiful melody.


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