[#25] SPICA - "Since You're Out Of My Life"

From: "Lonely"
Format: EP
Released: November
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Appearances: First Appearance

SPICA is one of my favorite rookies this year (along with Hello Venus and a few others), and it started out because they were really good performers, but later progressed to having pretty good material. "I'll Be There" was one of my favorite perky songs this year, but it's not their entry on the list, mainly because it's not quite them. "Since You're Out Of My Life" is.

I wasn't the biggest fan of "Painkiller" or "Russian Roulette", mainly because I thought they were too intense that they kind of became flat. This song reminds me a bit of their previous singles in that it's a very intense song. There's this haunted feel to the arrangement and the choice of instruments. But it just stays constant for majority of the song.

The main point of the song is really the melody, and the very clear, confident vocals. If you've noticed, the treatment of the instrumental makes it sound kind of muffled, so when the vocals come in on top with their crisp nature, and treatment, they pop. And that's basically what keeps this from becoming a snooze-fest. The vocals are strong and confident, because that one girl can really sing and the rest are okay, but they also sound very clear.

And that melody, really, that melody is beautiful -- it's sharp where it has to be, but it's also frustratingly gorgeous for most of the time. Just like this entire song.


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