[#38] Brown Eyed Girls - "Come With Me"

From: "The Original"
Format: Digital Single
Released: July
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Appearances: #6 -"Me In" (2011)

The Brown Eyed Girls have become K-Pop's resident fierce girl group, but at the same time they've also become known for the fact that they're one of the few groups with members who are all talented, who are all musically useful. And it's for that reason that they have no problem pulling off a song like "Come With Me", despite the fact that it's not along the lines of your "Abracadabra"'s and "Sixth Sense"'s.

"Come With Me" is a glorious song in every sense of the word, because when I say glorious, I really mean glo-ri-ous. It's like one of those songs an act would sing for a lifetime achievement award stage or as a grand finale. It's beautiful, and it flaunts it like second nature. The melody is stunning, and the vocals that deliver it really give it the body and the conviction that it needs. The harmonies are so pretty I feel like melting every time I hear them, and they're in a prominent enough position to influence just how gorgeous the entire song is.

But at the same time, "Come With Me" is also a quite humble song -- no major theatrics, no big, big explosions. It's as if it's saying "I may be gorgeous now, but this is what it took to get here". It's the type of song that you can imagine people swaying or waving their nightsticks to, and not just staring in awe over. It's beautiful, but it's not alien, it's epic, but it's a simple kind of epic. The simplicity of the song gives the vocals a chance to not only carry everything, but really shine.

That's something I really like about music, and even art in general, and why I don't regret choosing essays and critiques over other forms of writing. There are times when you don't need big words or complex metaphors, when you don't need to jump through hoops and fire to make a point. There are times the simplest of things are the most beautiful, the most expressive, just like "Come With Me".


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