# 67: Jesse McCartney - Told You So

Jesse McCartney made a huge leap from Disney pop to R&B this year, but it wasn't out of place. You could hear it coming when Right Where You Want Me came out, that he didn't really like his wimpy young boyband member turned solo image, so I think it was a logical leap for him.

Told You So is one of the best songs on Departure, if not the best. It's got all the makings of a ballad-ish R&B song, but Jesse's trademark vocals just take it to another, more amazing level.

You can hear that Jesse's voice fits these kinds of songs the best, and that he clearly knows that(It's Over, the current single, has a lot of similar elements...)

I'm hoping for more brilliance from him, he's clearly shown that he can write amazing songs like this so I want more!


  1. I really hate to admit it, but I loved 'Departure' as well...for the most part, anyway. I was a fan of Dream Street (yes, it's true) but not of Jesse getting all the glory (because he wasn't my favorite. haha.), and like you said, I thought the whole "Beautiful Soul" stuff was such a cop-out despite it's success. The whole 'Departure' album sounds like it could have worked for Chris Brown, and for some of the songs, even Justin Timberlake. So props need to go where props are due. ;)


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