# 71: Agness Carlsson - Release Me

Please note that these songs posted are in no particular order, I adore them all!

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I've come to love Agnes Carlsson, and the whole Swedish pop thing. Let's face it, Swedes make the most amazing pop music, and they continue to wow us.

Agnes has once again made an amazing album, and with an amazing album comes the most amazing song she's ever made, in my opinion. Release Me.

Release Me, I think, is everything Agnes Carlsson is, and everything Swedish music is supposed to be. It's an amazing song, with all the elements of a brilliant pop masterpiece and a bit more. You have all these disco-like stuff going on with the ultra-amazing instrumental that just matches the brilliant melody, making this amazing explosion of a pop song.


  1. This girl seems to be everywhere! I think I definitely need to check her out, huh?

  2. If you love amazing pop music, then go for it! She's one of the most brilliant singers I've heard this year..


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