[#15] Younha - "RUN" (Japanese)

From: "People"
Released: September
Territory: Japan
Previous Best of Entries: 2012: [#3] "Run" and [#1] "Supersonic" (album) / 2013: [#1] "우리가 헤어진 진짜 이유" (The Real Reason We Broke Up)
Other notable song(s) from 2014 (Japan): "HOME"

"Run" was the song that started my Younha obsession -- I'd heard her earlier material like "One Shot" and obviously "Houki Boshi," but it wasn't until "Supersonic" that Younha really blew me away. "Just Listen" and "Subsonic" followed, so it was one stellar release after another and I was hooked.

So what is a two year-old song doing this high up my countdown? Even if it's technically qualified this year it was already #3 back in 2012, why show up again? In all honesty, this Japanese version isn't just a re-recording of "Run," but a re-arrangement. It's the same melody, the same basic composition, but it sounds and feels like a different song.

The Korean version of "Run" was very sharp and very K-Pop pop-rock in terms of instrumentation -- Younha's vocals and the melody contrast the sharpness with an ethereal quality to them. This Japanese recording, on the other hand, is ethereal from the arrangement, to the instrumentation, to the melody, to the vocal treatment. It's very Japanese in the sense that while Korea will use a drum line (snare, etc.) at the chorus, "RUN" uses a bass line. The Korean version uses running synths, the Japanese cymbals and synth chords. On the Korean version Younha's vocals are sharp and striking but on the Japanese version the harmonies are emphasized and the vocal treatment muffles the lead track.

While the Korean version has kick and more dynamics, listening to "RUN" literally feels like floating on a cloud. Both versions are outstanding in their own way, and that's exactly why "RUN" deserves its place on my countdown -- because through this Japanese version Younha has shown the extent to her creativity, her musical proficiency, and how those qualities can go hand-in-hand with a commercial model such as a re-release. She has increased the life span of "Run," increased the potential for revenue, and maybe even gotten more people to listen to "RUN." Most artists and agencies take the easy way out and only slightly re-arrange tracks, sometimes even using the exact same backing track, but Younha took the creative route and reaped the benefits.


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