[#13] DBSK (Tohoshinki) - "Sweat"

From: "Sweat/Answer" (Single)
Released: June
Territory: Japan
Previous Best of Entries: 2009: "Mirotic" / 2010: [#6] "BREAK OUT!" / 2011: [#3] "Before U Go" and [#1] "Back To Tomorrow" / 2012: [#28] "ANDROID" and [#9] "Catch Me" / 2013: [#8] "I Know" / 2014: [#20] "Something"
Other notable song(s) from 2014: n/a

One of the biggest musical changes that came from DBSK's line-up change was that their Japanese and Korean releases have become more and more alike in terms of general style and musical direction. The treatment is still very much representative of the differences between the two countries' production styles, but it seems like DBSK's sound is more cohesive across releases. This can be both a good and a bad thing -- good because it means a more unified identity for the duo, but possibly bad because as a whole, DBSK's Japanese material has always been so much better than their Korean releases.

But I like "Sweat" because it's that perfect balance between the Korean style they're going with this year, and Japanese production. It's a more Japanese, more contemporary, interpretation of the likes of "Something" and "Spellbound." The "big band" vibe is there composition-wise but executed by more trendy instruments like a less brassy brass line, an electric guitar and spunky strings, a sharper drum line, synths, and so on and so forth. "Sweat" is also, in usual Japanese fashion, more a subtle song -- which also contributes to the contemporary sound.

If "Something" is well-done, kitschy "big band," "Sweat" takes the big band sound and makes it slicker, more polished, and trendier.


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