[#8] GOT7 - "A"

From: "GOT♡"
Released: June
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Entries: first appearance
Other notable song(s) from 2014: "Girls Girls Girls", "너란 Girl", "Title"

GOT7 are my favorite rookies this year, and their place in my top 50 is pretty reflective of that because they're the highest-ranking rookie group. And I think their performance this year proves a very important point -- that A&R, proper song choice, is of utmost importance to a new group. GOT7 aren't exactly the most musically talented of this year's rookies, but JYP hit it out of the ballpark with their material.

This is how you do a debut year, and it's surprising that JYP of all agencies is responsible for it.

"A" in particular is an example of what top-tier production quality and smart composition can do to an average band:
This is such a fun, light-hearted, but extremely well-executed package. As a song it's extremely catchy without being annoying -- because the melody is too pretty to be a pain. The arrangement is tight, all the dynamics are well-pronounced with explosions to balance out the very smooth melodies and instruments... The vocals are rich, and each line brings out the best in the member handling it. "A" is infinitely better on stage when the song is paired with choreography and GOT7's practically electric stage presence. These guys know how to perform -- they know how to please their audience and interact without compromising the choreography and song. It's an absolute pleasure to watch live performances of "A" because GOT7 aren't playing around, they're genuinely enjoying what they're doing -- and that's what a performance should be.

"A" is unpretentious fun, but only because GOT7 are comfortable enough with what they're doing to be able to concentrate on more than just robotically delivering a song and a performance. It's a song that's not just simple enough for them to carry, but even goes as far as to bring out their strengths as individuals and as a band. There's genuine enjoyment, so much so that it shows even in the track itself and becomes just as much of a joy to listen to -- over and over and over again.


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