[#41] Infinte - "Rosinante"

From: "Season 2"
Released: May
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Entries: 2010: [#37] "She's Back" / 2011: [#4] "Nothing's Over", 11 Albums You Had To Hear In 2011 / 2012: [#1] "The Chaser" / 2013: [#42] "Inception"
Other notable song(s) from 2014: "소나기", "Last Romeo"

Last year I said Infinite had hit a plateau in terms of their repertoire, and one year later I still don't know which direction they need to go towards to go back to the innovative, technically-strong pop act I know they are. On one hand, the sound they perfected with "The Chaser" and "Before The Dawn" is not something they can go back to, but on the other, as a fan and a critic who was extremely impressed with the whole idea of Infinite I can't help but miss it.

"Rosinante" is on this year's countdown not so much because it's the newest thing since anything, but because it reminds me of the first half of Infinite's career -- the live band arrangement, the shrill but not irritating hook, the strong electric guitar, the 80s drum treatment. It's all a bit more mature now, but Infinite still does it better than anyone else.

Will this go on my list of favorite Infinite songs? Maybe not. But for what it is, Infinite have claimed their niche in K-pop and "Rosinante" is further proof of that.


  1. actually, Last Romeo was seriously breathtaking.. it became my favorite song from Infinite. I don't think they lost dierction.. they are doing what they are best at. and Woohyun is one heck of a vocalist (one of the best in kpop imo~)


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