[#44] A Pink - "Mr. Chu"

From: "Pink Blossom"
Released: April
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Entries: 2011: [#44] "MY MY"
Other notable song(s) from 2014: "Wanna Be", "LUV", "SUNDAY MONDAY"

A Pink are one of those acts I'm not emotionally invested in but don't completely dismiss either because they've had one or two strong releases over the course of their careers. A Pink are generally just getting by in terms of material -- it's not the best or most innovative (it's not the kind of material that will get them in my top 10 or 20), but it's competent. And of course, Eun Ji is easily one of the best vocalists in (A)Cube so I always watch out for the day she gets material that she can really wow people with.

"Mr. Chu" fits very comfortably in A Pink's repertoire -- it's a very girly song that you can imagine matches a sea of pink everything very well. The choice of instruments is both very A Pink and very girly -- the graceful but playful piano, the snappy bass+percussion lines, the whimsical strings and electronic keyboard. I've always noticed this about A Pink releases, and I'm really glad that they get good production because I think that's one reason why their releases are the bearable kind of cutesy.

Which is what I like about A Pink -- they're cutesy, but not sickeningly so. They do the girly, "aegyo" performances well, but it's not like they're hitting you over the head with it. Eunji still sounds like a person when she sings, thankfully, and songs like "Mr. Chu" actually have substance.


  1. At last! An APink post here at PRN. It has been a while, hasn't it? :)

    "And of course, Eun Ji is easily one of the best vocalists in (A)Cube so I always watch out for the day she gets material that she can really wow people with."

    THIS. SO MUCH THIS. I can't even stress how sometimes I feel so sorry for Eunji (although she's undoubtedly one of the more popular members) because I feel that being in APink holds her talent down. It's not because the other members aren't talented, but because Eunji is just in a league of her own compared to them. Their kind of songs aren't the ones that give her justice. I'll even argue that she's not only one of the best in Cube, but in Kpop in general. She's so talented vocalwise that, given her popularity right now, she's still underrated IMO. I've heard rumors that Acube is working her solo album soon, but I don't know if that'll push through though. Anyways, good review (it would've been great if it was a bit longer but this is good enough :P) as always, thank you very much!


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