[#34] Ladies' Code - "So Wonderful"

From: "So Wonderful"
Released: February
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Entries: 2013: [#22] "Bad Girl"
Other notable song(s) from 2014: n/a

For the record, I start working on my year-end picks early into the year -- February or March usually -- and "So Wonderful" was on the list before the tragedy struck. This is not a pity entry, or an attempt to cash in on the "media hype" surrounding Ladies' Code -- as a writer I think it's distasteful to do so. I think that in the wake of what happened to the group this year, that they are recognized for their musical proficiency and merits, and even further that they actually deserve this recognition, is the greatest respect I can offer as a critic.

Because really, "So Wonderful" deserves its spot on my Top 50.

Last year, Ladies' Code were the only rookie group on my year-end countdown and while I didn't plan that on purpose, I wasn't surprised when I realized it. I saw promise in their debut single, and that continued to "So Wonderful." The fire I was talking about with MAMAMOO previously? Ladies' Code had it. And it's not really because Ladies' Code are significantly more talented than MAMAMOO, but because they got the right material with the right arrangements.

There's just more character, more punch, more fire in "So Wonderful," that makes it worth looping. The focal point of the song is not the melody or the vocal part actually, but the instrumental. Everything that matters, happens in the instrumental. The brass line has character, it's not just an accessory -- it's actually the main instrumental hook. The brass is lively, high-pitched, and gives the song zing. By zing I mean that it's light, it doesn't hit you over the head, but it makes an impact. This is contrasted by the bubbling guitar line which mainly serves to give the song the weight it needs considering how the brass is practically running around all over the place.

The melody serves to accentuate and aid the aesthetically chaotic mess of an instrumental -- it brings the song together. Notice also how the vocals are slightly lowered in terms of volume in relation to the instrumental so instead of the potentially screechy melody competing with the imposing instrumental, they work to form a cohesive song.


  1. I noticed you didn't mention any of their other songs this year as 'notable'. Do you have any thoughts on 'Kiss Kiss' and their OST 'Make me go crazy'? I actually preferred both of them to this track - I agree about the superb instrumentation, but the overall song was too repetitive for my taste and the bridge felt misplaced.

    I am happy that I am not the only one who is less than 100% happy with MAMAMOO. They have a lot of potential and strong vocals/stage presence, but they seem to lack a certain passion of emotion - their is no substance behind the coquettish exterior.

    Thanks for keeping up a great blog - I always love to read your opinions!!


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