[#16] Girls' Generation - "Motorcycle"

From: "Love & Peace"
Released: December 2013
Territory: Japan
Previous Best of Entries: 2009: "Genie" / 2010: [#19] "Run Devil Run" / 2011: [#36] "Sunflower", [#7] "Let it Rain" and "GIRLS' GENERATION" (Album) / 2012: [#5] "Animal" and [#2] "Girls & Peace" (album) / 2013: [#30] "Galaxy Supernova"
Other notable song(s) from 2014 (Japan): "Indestructible", "Divine"

The general consensus on last December's "Love & Peace" was that it's a lot more like SNSD's Korean albums than it is their previous Japanese releases, mainly because it's very all over the place conceptually -- on one hand you have "Love & Girls" types, on the other the "Lips"-types, and on a completely different plane you have "My Oh My." Of course to some that's a good thing, but to others, like me, the idea of SNSD's Japanese material becoming more and more like their Korean material is frightening because I think their first 2 Japanese albums were the best albums SNSD has released in their entire career, and possibly the only totally cohesive releases they've had.

"Motorcycle," I think, best reflects that sort of middle ground between SNSD's material in Japan and Korea. The composition itself reminds me of a more in-your-face "you-aholic" or "THE GREAT ESCAPE." And while I personally don't think "Motorcycle" is as refined or subjectively "good" as them, the track has its appeal. "Motorcycle" will make for a much more interesting performance because more of the elements of that make a good performance are already inherent in the song. The good thing about a song that's in-your-face like this is that it allows for a wider spectrum of dynamics -- explosions will pop more because you can go from really quiet to really loud like the transition from the bridge to the chorus.

Ultimately, one thing that didn't change was the quality of individual tracks -- the packed arrangements with catchy but substantial melodies, and the slick pop production. Songs like "Motorcycle" are a bit louder than the ones "GIRLS' GENERATION" (and even "Girls & Peace"), a bit more gimmick-y, but the fundamentals are all still there.


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