[#25] HI SUHYUN - "I'm Different" (Feat. BOBBY)

From: "I'm Different"
Released: November
Territory: South Korea
Previous Best of Entries: First appearance (as sub-unit)
Other notable song(s) from 2014: n/a

YG, in my books at least, is the agency that has perfect the "performance-ready song" -- sometimes to the point where you only understand the song when you actually watch it being performed. Even AKMU, as "awkward" as they are, use that awkwardness to their advantage on stage. Which is why I still have my reservations about Lee Hi, especially when she abandoned that youthful, "1,2,3,4"/"It's Over"-esque sound in favor of what I see as pretentious, bland, trying too hard to be melodramatic, "Rose." Lee Hi's earlier material brought the character she didn't have, it worked for her.

Which is why when I heard the Suhyun and Lee Hi collaboration, I was more than pleased because "I'm Different" works extremely well for both of them. On one hand, Suhyun's vocals can actually pull off a wide range of styles -- her voice is straightforward with a clean timbre, and she has quite a range (shown in performances like AKMU's collaboration with Park Jimin). On the other, this is exactly the strong, hip-hop pop-esque track that Lee Hi debuted with, that I think she should have stuck with.

"I'm Different" is imposing enough a song to not only work for both Lee Hi and Suhyun, but also bring out the strengths in their vocals -- Lee Hi's timbre is her best asset which shows on the song through the simple, repetitive melody, and Suhyun's clean delivery provides a no-frills, effortless quality.

See what the right choice of song can do for two vocalists who are seemingly polar opposites?


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