Jessica Mauboy - Do it Again + Kristina DeBarge - Song On the Radio

Brief reviews today, I'm sleepy but classes were suspended AGAIN!

OK, so this is the b-side to Because - not a big fan of it but this song however, has made my day.

It's another R&B mid-tempo and the melody will make you melt but what I love about this song is that it has the edginess and groove of Been Waiting mixed with Back2U or Used2B. And it's one of those songs that subconsciously make you smile, again. Because is such a heavy song and it's not really my cup of tea so I wasn't expecting a song like this to be paired with it. The combination's good though - Do It Again is like a breath of fresh air after Because.

The piano at the start made me fall at this song's feet - you know I'm a sucker for songs with gorgeous piano parts at the beginning. The melody is gorgeous but her voice doesn't hit you over the head - it's just there and it's gorgeous. The middle 8 is sub-par, I was expecting something that moved me.



  1. The Kristina DeBarge song is quite amazing! I hope she gets promoted in the UK soon. I don't like how I can read about these great new artists on your blog (Anges) then it takes the forever before they're over here :( quite the annoyance. Great write up :)


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