#14: Pixie Lott - Doing Fine (Without You)

I haven't really said it a lot lately, but I love Pixie Lott and I don't care what you say about it. Call it a guilty pleasure, call it whatever you want, really - I like her and you can't change anything.

It was around this time of the year (although maybe closer to new year, actually) that I first heard of her in 2008 - back when Turn It Up was called The Fall and I thought it was brilliant. After a while her album got a little stale for my taste, but then the repackaged tracks came out and this particular one stood out.

Doing Fine (Without You) reminded me of why I loved British pop, girl bands in particular - because everything was so fun, yes, but they had class. American girl groups are great, yeah, but I prefer the British when it comes to pop bands. But anyway, this song would have absolutely no problem making it's way into a Sats album/EP, and it has absolutely no problem worming it's way up my list!

The melody's gorgeous, the arrangement strong, and the hook an actual hook. It's a lot of stereotypes of a lot of different songs thrown into one package, in the right way. Brilliance, I tell you, brilliance.


  1. Hot song. It's so reminiscient of Katy Perry's California Girls but Pixiedoes it much better.


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