#21: Simon Curtis - Delusional

Earlier this year, due to Paul's constant nagging and the fact that this album was legally free for download, I checked out Simon Curtis' 8Bit Heart. To say I was impressed would be an understatement - I was practically falling at my feet.

Months later as I write this, everything about 8Bit Heart, and this song in particular, just makes sense. I'm not regretting saying anything I said earlier this year, and I'm probably just as enamored as I was when I first heard the album/song.

The conclusion? I believe that Simon Curtis is where pop should be going. I say this and that about how excessive and ultimately, cheap pop is and how I've had to learn to accept that. Well, Simon has made me want to take that. Catchy, gimmick-y pop need not be excessive, it doesn't have to make you want to throw up with the heavy processing on not only the vocals but the instrumental, and it doesn't have to stick itself in front of your face.

Pop can be catchy, it is catchy, but it can also have a sense of raw-ness and even just a bit of grace thrown in.

Delusional is where I want pop to go. The producers/writers could have very well processed the song to no end and mastered it to death and made it sound so sanitized, but they didn't. The song is brilliant enough to stand without fancy post-prod, so why bother? You have effects here and there and you know Simon really played around with the song - that's the fun in pop, you can play around with things and you're forgiven because gimmicks are gimmicks. But even with all these interesting sounds running around, it maintains that raw-ness I was talking about. I like that. I want that.


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