#46: f(x) - Mr. Boogie

Even if the entire idea of NU ABO was one of the biggest mistakes in k-pop this year, this best of list revolves around individual songs only and believe it or not, these five girls actually came out with a rather good song this year.

There are talented people in f(x) and given the right material, they have the possibility to lead a generation of girl groups. The problem is, they haven't been given the right amount of the right material for them, therefore that possibility to lead their generation will stay a possibility.

Mr. Boogie is like one of 2 needles in a haystack, otherwise known as NU ABO. The reason why I chose this over Surprise Party, which is a gorgeous song in itself, is because this is what they should've released as a second single. This is the song that, if given the chance, would have steered their career, and possibly even musical direction, into much, much better places.

The song boasts of standard SM production, which almost always equates to outstanding. The song has enough repetition, edginess and autotune to be a lead single - you just have to add a few more ad-libs at the end and it'll be perfect. The verses have the intensity, if not more, of SNSD's Run Devil Run, but the choruses have the playfulness that you need in a band of their age. Mr Boogie also conveniently showcases the girls' vocals, which aren't that fantastic live, but in simple words, sound very good on the recording.

And heck, I like it - it's grown on me since the first time I've heard it. Do I need any other reason to put it on the list?


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