#9: 2NE1 - Clap Your Hands

I have a love-hate relationship with 2NE1, as you all may know. There are times when I think they're fantastic, but there are also times when the autotune goes overboard and my ears start registering them as a bunch of annoying chipmunks. However there are also times when I start out hating the song, but end up adoring the heck out of it after seeing them perform it, or even just see the video for it.

2NE1 is basically a performance band in my eyes - you have to see them for the material to make sense, and obviously they don't perform their entire album when they promote. I was less than impressed with To Anyone this year, mainly because the tracks were never given the chance to make sense. However, they did perform Clap Your Hands, and did more than make sense.

I'm not one for rapping, nor am I for autotuned Sandara-fests, but like I said, Clap Your Hands makes all the sense in the world. It's your standard 2NE1 song - the rapping, the autotune, the jam-packed instrumental with YG production at it's finest, and the stick-in-your-head-like-glue hook. What sets it apart from the other two singles they promoted? Everything is bearable - everything was done in moderation, with our ears in mind. That, and it's not trying too hard to be stylish or whatever Go Away was trying to be - what you hear, and see, is basically what you get.

For 2NE1 standards, the hook is pretty laid-back actually, but it's in-your-face and repetitive enough to stick. The chorus as a whole is pretty, actually, without all the computerized sounds running all over the place. The elements flow well, and the song actually progresses, and it's resolved neatly.


  1. Yay for the list almost being over (and Christmas almost here!). I liked Can't Nobody more than Clap Your Hands, but that's probably just because I like dancing, and Clap your hands isn't AS dancy as Can't Nobody. And, honestly, Dara's "I wanna rock your body, I wanna make some noise" part nearly ruined the song for me.

  2. So excited for the last few!
    (There's no SHINee one yet... have they not made the cut? That wouldn't make sense! D:)

  3. hey xD
    i am @nicat27 in twitter (remember me? :) )
    anyway gotta agree with you in some parts but gotta disagree with u in some parts :D
    2NE1's live performances are great and they are better than than their pre-recorded tracks.
    Clap your hands is nice but i still prefer Go away as i kind of like that kind of genre of music much more than dance music.... (AND THE MV TOO :D LOL)
    I personally think that autotune does its work in can't nobody and go away but it is kind of overwhelming in 난 바빠.
    i think what sets 2NE1 apart from others is that everyone seems to compliment each other like Dara's (not to say that she is the best singer ever) light and cheerful voice compliments Bom's strong vocals while CL's fierce rapping (yes i like rapping) compliments Minzy's youthful and energetic dance moves.
    To Anyone also sets itself apart from other albums such as Hoot and Oh! because (to me at least) it is one of the few albums that i will listen from the first track to the end as the tracks Can't Nobody, Go Away, Clap Your Hands, 난 바빠, It Hurts, Love is Ouch and the rest of the albums blended together perfectly. :)
    (BTW, Chipmunks to me are cute , NOT ANNOYING :D )
    Anyway, i am only airing my views here and i respect your views. xD
    BTW, Merry Christmas :D

  4. I see what you mean but in my opinion, CYH is probably one of the better songs on the album. It somehow worked well with all the songs on the album though I'm not fond of it much really.

    So sorry, said I was going to go through all your reviews and comment but I missed 42 of them >_<
    Btw, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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