#42: Maroon 5 - Misery

I've never admitted it, but I haven't actually heard Hands All Over in its entirety. Well, now I have. Even so, I really do think that Misery is a very hard song to top.

After being barraged by ballads care of my beloved DBSK, I'm now leaning towards more upbeat American/Western pop - I like my pop nice and lively nowadays. Misery is just that - isn't it ironic? I love it for that.

The song's got very strong production, and every little detail has been put together, taken apart and then put back together at least a few times. Everything has a purpose and everything's done so simply, but when you throw it all together you get brilliance. It sounds very American pop, but it sounds so Maroon 5 at the same time. The arrangement's like that too - everything's so manic but when it's time to lay low they really lay low - perfection. I love the middle 8, not for the melody, but for the instrumental and the arrangement and how it transitions to and from.

Melody-wise the song's effortlessly catchy - it doesn't hit you over the head with the hook and sometimes you don't even notice it, but it's there and it will forever will be. That and I find myself humming the chorus after I listen to the song.


  1. Honestly, I couldn't agree more. Something would have to be really wrong if Misery wasn't in the list - I mean, I even think that #42 is kinda of a low rank position to the song.

    But I'll have to say that I think Give a Little More better. It looks more unique, vibrant and catchy... but of course, it's just my personal opinion. lol

    P.S. Sorry for the crap english D: It's not my mother language, and even if I can read it perfectly well, I can't either talk or write with half of the competence ._.


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