#13: 2AM - 잘못했어

I like 2AM - they're currently fighting SHINee for my second favorite boyband, seeing as their vocals are obviously a notch higher than SHINee's, even if both of them are fantastic in their own ways. My point is, if DBSK never existed, heaven forbid, they could very well be my favorite boyband. Because they can sing. Extremely well.

Now I don't usually like it when good vocals are autotuned, like what happened on this song, but I'll make an exception, because it's only now that I realize something. In a way, I Did Wrong was a very risky song for 2AM, but in a way they pulled it off better than anyone like them could ever have.

It's not your typical heart-wrenching, soap-worthy ballad that you'd assume a ballad-based band would sing (although their repertoire is practically swimming in them) - it's like a cool version of that. It's too slow to be a dance-worthy song, even if I believe they did a bit of "dancing" for this, but once again, it's a little too upbeat to be a ballad ballad. Out of their "comfort zone".

The song also has a rap part. Of course I have no idea if it's any good, but that was another risky move. So was putting in a hook, and a very infectious one at that. In all honesty, they pulled the entire song off extremely well, and the result was more than OK.

Which brings me to a rather important point - just because someone has a gorgeous voice most definitely does not mean that they should be given a repertoire swimming in ballads. Don't get me wrong, I love beautifully-done ballads, but I believe I said this when I reviewed Lucifer - when there are few ballads on an album, I notice them more. But that's beside the point. What I'm trying to say is, it doesn't hurt for "ballad singers" to do some uptempos every now and then, because they clearly have the chops to do it - uptempos are most definitely not for talentless people.


  1. I will forever love SHINee as a group. But this year really showed how much they rely on Onew & Jonghyun vocally. They struggled when either was away. I really wish for Taemin, Key and Minho to improve significantly. Taemin is getting there, Key is the opposite and Minho's lives are not any better. The biggest mystery to me is Key's deterioration considering his solos/parts in SHINee's songs are not as challenging as Jjong's and Onew's.

    I am happy 2AM is doing better this year than 2PM in terms of sales. It is well-deserved given that they are more talented vocally. Some justice in kpop!


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