#26: Cheryl Cole - The Flood

I didn't particularly like Messy Little Raindrops, but like Ken, Jio and Kat, I believe, I did adore The Flood. I mean, what's there not to love?

As much as I really REALLY want a Nicola solo album (which I've heard is ALREADY IN THE WORKS! *dances around room*), Cheryl's proved herself "the popular one" - you really can't deny that she's done a gazillion times better than Nadine, the only other GA member who has attempted a solo package.

Messy Little Raindrops was literally a mess of an album, if I may say so. There were album tracks that were perfectly fine (2 to be exact.), but as a whole the album one, went right through me, and two, had absolutely no clear direction. It's like a bunch of random tracks were thrown together for the sake of Cheryl putting out an album - one minute she sounds Brit, the next like a wannabe American R&B starlet.

The Flood, thankfully, was one of those Brit-sounding songs. It has a very simple arrangement and a simple melody, but surprisingly, it's the execution that makes the song really stand out. Cheryl's learned quite a few tricks since GA "paused". I honestly never thought I'd say that for a Cheryl song, or her in general, given I like the other 4 girls better than her when it comes to vocals.

The thing is, the hook of the song really sticks, but it's one of the most melody-intensive songs on the list. You listen to it and Cheryl has managed to try and make something that would probably appeal to the American audience, while sounding very Brit - I hear hints of American-ized elements here and there, but the song as a whole sounds Brit all the way. That's more like it!


  1. I haven't listened to songs from the UK for such a long time and I like this song! Thanks for including this on your list and thanks for making a yearly list of the best songs. Now, I am anticipating the upper half of the list coz it might introduce me to other singers and songs that I might like (if I haven't liked them yet). :)


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