#24: Supernova (Cho Shin Sung) - On The Days I Missed You

I admit that when I first wrote about this, I got a little mixed up with the terms (to the person who corrected me, thanks. ;D), mainly because my brain had just gone through the biggest test of my life. So yeah. Now's the time to correct some things, and like always, fangirl over the song!

Supernova are now on the upper half of my favorites list, mainly because they've gotten the closest to DBSK's strategy for Japan - sign to a Japanese label and do things the Japanese way. I always say this - you cannot approach a foreign industry the same way you do your own, things just don't work that way. In term of music you obviously shouldn't change for a new market, but in terms of how you sell your music and ultimately, yourself, it should change. That goes out not only to the bands trying to break Japan, but also the US. The reason why you people remain "big stars in Korea" is because you approach things like "big stars in Korea".

Fame may come slower if you work your way through the foreign way, but when it comes it literally pours. Look at DBSK - it took them 3 albums, countless singles, (actual) CONCERT TOURS and a heck of a lot of hard work to get on top, but when they did, Japan fell to their feet. Willingly. And to a certain extend, SS501 were like that too, actually. You don't get the same kind of respect from the people who matter if you don't do what they did, and what Supernova are doing.

So after finding moderate success in Japan (they peaked at #2 on the weeklies, I believe), they went back to Korea for a while, armed with this fantastic single.

On The Days I Missed You has dynamics, like a lot of other songs on the list, but it also has groove. The crisp piano line laced with the "sharp but full" drum part and the catchy melody make for a fantastic song, and one you don't hear very often in kpop. But it's not just the song that made sense, the execution of the vocals was spot-on. Sungje (I call him the Jaejoong of Supernova) has a gorgeous, gorgeous, voice both live and recorded, and the rest of the band have respectable and sometimes interesting voices, with conviction.

All I really want in life is a convincing song, to be honest with you. With conviction comes effortlessness, and with effortlessness comes beauty. I got that with this.


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