#40: Secret - My Boy

I put a lot behind Secret this year, saying that they're good and they're this and that and they should get a better agency and all, so it's only logical that they show up on this list. Because they really do have a lot more potential than other girl groups of their stature.

I look at My Boy almost the same way I look at f(x)'s Mr. Boogie - I don't think this should have been a single, but the song had the potential to be a defining song for their career. And it's gorgeous.

Magic was great and all, Madonna a little repetitive but well-executed, but they lacked something - fantastic, mind-blowing production. To be honest with you, when Secret Time came out, I leaned more towards 알아서 잘해요 because it was so upbeat and happy and had a gorgeous melody, but in time I learned to adore My Boy, because the production was rather good, given their state when it was released.

I like My Boy because it's not pretentious - it's not trying to be anything it's not. It's an R&B-inspired midtempo verging on ballad that's meant to show off their existent, but not always outstanding, vocals. The melody is supposed to be gorgeous like that, and the chorus is supposed to blend in to the rest of the song. The rap part belongs there, and the piano line was meant to float nicely throughout.

It's a well-done song. And given the volume of mistakes we got this year, it's well-done enough to stand out.


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