#17: JoJo - Boy Without A Heart

If you were with me from the very beginning, you'll know that I acknowledge JoJo as the one who started, and fueled, my love for pop music - she's the reason why I write about music, and why I want a career in it. She's also one of the reasons why I feel the way I do towards the industry.

It's story time. LOL. During the summer between fourth and fifth grade, I'd spend afternoons with my dad at our local record store (which is now gone. D:) and I, not knowing a lot about music, would go over to the listening booths they used to have and listen to JoJo's debut album. I'd listen to it everytime were were there, until my dad bought me the album, along with Alicia Keys' The Diary of Alicia Keys. Everything just took off from there, and Christmas 2006 came around - I got my first iPod (1st gen nano, white, 1GB) and was buying physical albums to fill it with. Obviously, The High Road was the first one I got.

So why tell you guys part of the story of my life? Because JoJo always manages to come out with new material during turning points of my life. In 2005 she was the turning point, in 2006 I was going through what was the best year of my school life, as well as learning more and more about music by the day, and finally now, in 2010 - I made a lot of decisions concerning my future, so of course, JoJo had to come out with her free mixtape. And this gorgeous song.

Can't Take That Away From Me had a truckload of gorgeous songs, but for some reason Boy Without A Heart stuck the most. Why? Because strangely, it reminded me of 6th grade, and even that summer I first heard her. This is a new song we're talking about, and it brought back memories it never even witnessed.

It has a very simple arrangement (how many times have I said this before), but it's not only JoJo's now more mature and gutsy vocals that stand out, it's the drum line. The stunning drum line that makes me smile like a madwoman - it's very sharp but it sounds very real. That put below the gutsy but in-place electric guitar and thrown together with a well-done arrangement makes for a drop-dead gorgeous song.


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