#44: JYJ - Be My Girl

It's no secret that I like beautiful songs and I especially like it when my beloved DBSK, or part of it, sings those beautiful songs, so I guess it's no surprise that this song has made an appearance. And no, it's not too early for a JYJ song to sprout out.

However, for all my spazzing and freaking out over JYJ, HoMin, and DBSK, I find it especially hard to write about them, for the simple reason that spazzing and freaking out don't exactly make for a decent review. But anyway.

Be My Girl is off their "international album", The Beginning, and it's in English. Although I've kind of gotten used to their slightly crooked English, there are times when it does get awkward, very awkward. No matter how much I don't care about lyrics, to a certain extent how you pronounce the lyrics and how the words flow can very much affect the over-all sound of the song.

The choruses are pretty, but the verses can literally make me cry from gorgeousness. I'm serious. Yoochun's part makes all the sense in the world, Junsu's part is stunning, and the mini-Jaejoong+Junsu duet gives me goosebumps.

The song may be as cliche as hell, but it has reminded me, and maybe even a gazillion other fans, exactly why I and many others deemed these three the best singers. They may lack a solid base and a wild top part (which I miss SO. DAMN. MUCH.) to make magic, but three stunning voices are enough to make me melt.


  1. I'm currently listening to the acoustic version and I'm melting because of Jaejoong and Junsu's voices. Gaaahhh. And when Yoochun sang his part on a lower register, it reminded me of how beautiful this guy's voice is. I think JYJ's music is like a toned down version of DBSK's music. When I listen to DBSK songs, sometimes I get the feeling that I'm getting shouted at. Haha XD With JYJ, at first it was weird, but then I eventually got used to it (I had to :P) and I think their music is good as well.


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