#29: Brave Brothers - Bittersweet (R&B Ver.) (with 현아, M, 마부스, Red Roc, Basick)

And the parade of beautiful songs continues, with a song quite similar in sound to BoA's Ordinary Day, with that little bit more character. The Brave Brothers are known in my books for songs like this - beautiful, albeit autotuned, melodies and trademark beats.

To quote what I said about this song when I first reviewed it in September, "When I first heard Bittersweet I was tired as hell and pissed off, but it's one of those songs that have the power to make me smile with just the melody." I seem to like songs like that, don't I? I stand by what I said then, with more elaborations to my first review.

I just realized that Brave Brothers productions like this have more kick and character than any other producers'. SME makes their midtempos very clean and classy, YG does it with the intention of remixing it a million times for live performances, JYP does theirs like how JYP would do it, but the Brave Brothers do it with kick, and yet still manage to keep the taste level where it should be.

Rap has never really appealed to me, but I've learned to live with it this year - this and a few other songs have turned my hatred into a matter of preference. There are still times when I can't stand it, but my generalizing days are over, and I'm welcome to rap, now that I know there's a way to do it and not have it sound tasteless - Bittersweet is pretty far enough from tasteless, and I like how Hyun A's the one rapping and the guy's the one singing.


  1. Hehe I like this song quite a lot as well haha kinda makes me want Brave Brothers to work with YG once again since they were under their company before going off and making their own company especially during BB's first few albums he made some really good productions haha. Anyway coo rundown of songs 8D.


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