#15: Sara Bareilles - King Of Anything

Thankfully, this Sara Bareilles single is one of those Western releases I didn't overlook this year. Had I not heard this, I would've missed out on one of the best songs of the year!

Sara Bareilles' first album was one of the first albums I'd willingly listen to from start to finish - it was also one of the albums I was avidly listening to when I just started PRN. The ingenious lyrics (even if I don't care about them - they made me notice them), the solid, piano-driven arrangements, the strong and emotional vocals and the drop-dead gorgeous songs all thrown into the glory that was that album just make me want to listen to it again.

After years of waiting, and her first album never really going out of style, she came back this year with this gorgeous song. When I first reviewed this I was all for it - fantastic production, real drums and a distinctly-Sara sound. Now that I listen over to it and write about it again, I'm ready to fall to my feet.

This is the pop I was talking about when I wrote about the Katy Perry song, only without the excessiveness - King of Anything has class, thank you very much. But even with all the "class" I say it has, it manages to capture that same element of fun that mainstream American pop has.

The elements are probably the polar opposites of the ones on the Katy Perry song - trumpets, Sara's staple stomping piano, a lay-low melody and REAL DRUMS with a touch of real cymbals - yet it's fun and an absolute pleasure to listen to. Over, and over, and over, and over again for ever and ever and ever.


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