#38: Untouchable with Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls) - 가슴에 살아

I've always been a bit interested in Untouchable, because I had seen some videos of them and I had liked what I'd seen. When they came out with a duet with Narsha, one of my favorite girl group singers, earlier this year, I took it as a sign to properly give these guys a chance. And needless to say, I liked what I heard.

Just because I know nothing about rap, doesn't mean I'm against it - it's just that I haven't found enough rap I like to be able to see what's good, what's bad, what's right and wrong. This song is another to add to the list of rap I'm interested in, but it's not enough. But that aside.

The melody is very simple and the arrangement laid-back with minimal frills. All I hear is a simple piano line, a pretty electric guitar, computerized drums, the occasional gorgeous string section and some effects here and there. But sometimes, simple is good. There are times when I need a break from the flood of heavily-processed, produced and sung tracks, and this song is pretty much it.

I mean, it being simple doesn't mean that it wasn't done well, because it was. The production on this was ace and the arrangement apt for the material - it's just that they eliminated a lot of things that could be eliminated, and were left with basic yet gorgeous elements. Put them together, and you get beauty. That's the only way to describe it, really.


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