#45: HAM - We Are One

HAM are one of those groups that have pretty much gone downhill this year, but they did manage to get this gorgeous track out. And I really mean it when I say it's gorgeous, because it is.

Korea once again made a HUGE deal of the World Cup this year, and with that comes practically every self-respecting idol group coming out with some sort of song in support of the Korean team. HAM's song, however, was named the official theme song of the Korean team. And I gotta say, it's very deserving.

I always say that no one can do World Cup songs like DBSK because they're light years away, but this HAM song came in pretty close. The thing with these songs is that they have to be big, inspiring ballads that will "bring people together" while having simple melodies people can easily chant to and remember during games or whatever.

Elaborate, heart-wrenching verses and big, but easy to sing along-to choruses - all while keeping a sense of musicality and fun. I'm talking about both the perfect World Cup song and HAM's We Are One.

I'm not so sure if it's only 1 girl singing or whatever, but the vocals on this were fantastic and they matched the song perfectly. The parts with just the "chorus" and a faux-string section were great, and the song closed nicely, given it's purpose.


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